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Xbox Aiming To Launch Before PS5

Rumors and excitement are spreading for what’s coming next in the gaming world. With amazing titles being shown at the recent E3 we understand the questions and anticipation. What console? What game? When? Is Microsoft making moves to beat Sony?

While the Xbox next generation is already in production, it was Industry analyst Michael Pachter that made the race seem one-sided. He stated to GamingBolt, “I’m sure Microsoft intends to launch first, and I am equally certain that the new Xbox will be backwards compatible with any Xbox One X software.”

Adding interest and speculation to his statement he went on, “I agree that it’s hard for Xbox One X purchasers, but they should know 4 years into a cycle that there is another one coming. My guess is that Microsoft intends to launch in 2020, but if they think is going to launch the PS5 then, they will launch early.”

During the E3 conference, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer promised and promoted a strong showcase. Beefed with titles and unexpected surprises.  All while firming a commitment to broadening the Xbox brand.

The potential rational Patcher has for believing Microsoft will be launching its console before PlayStation 5 is to gain a time advantage in the market. The domination of Sony is widely known, and Microsoft wants to ensure an edge. Although they haven’t released any technical details about the console.

What are you looking forward to seeing from the next PlayStation 5 and Xbox?

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