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Writers Needed for Expansion!

Gamer Nation News is expanding from just video game reviews!  The nerd community is so much more than just the time we spend gaming with friends. We understand that which is why we are looking for nerds with a passion for words!   We are a tight knit community who work hard then play hard.  If you’re in our discord then you know what we’re talking about.

The majority of our writers are twitch streamers, but it’s not a necessity, anyone interested is able to apply. Though any streamer who writes for us gains the added benefit of free marketing via being featured on the site.

In an effort to cover more of what us nerds are truly interested we have decided to broaden our scope.  In recent days you may have noticed a few articles on movie releases and old school comics.  These are just the first in a series of new content. Below is a list of currently covered subjects as well as subjects we’d like to move into. If any of these topics peek your interest feel free to apply.

Topics covered (and planned) include:

  • Video Games
  • Lore Breakdowns
  • Comics
  • Tabletop (D&D, MTG, Pokemon, etc.)
  • Nerd Movies

Did we miss any? Feel free to add what you’d love to write about when you fill out the application form!

Further, If you have any questions concerning the matter, feel free to email us at for a prompt response.