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Writers and Streamers Wanted!

Edit: Deadline for initial streamer team has ended however applications are still ongoing! Visit the Join Our Team page for more information.


Calling all streamers!

Gamer Nation News here, a website focused on game and content reviews made by gamers for gamers. And we don’t want to do it alone. As we all know, us gamers are known for our strong ties to community. With that being said we’d like to invite streamers (big or small) to join our team.

We are currently looking for streamers who would be interested in writing (minimum) one game/content review a month. In exchange, on top of receiving recognition for your own articles, we will feature you on the site in order to get your name out there. Our foremost objective is to give you the opportunity to shine in the spotlight!

To apply, select a prompt listed below and email your submission to with the subject of Content Submission with the prompt number listed. (Ie: Content Submission 1) if you chose Brand New/Hot Title

ALL Submission Requirements:
500+ words
Gamer Tag
Edited for misspells and grammatical errors
Don’t forget to add a little flair; leave your mark.


  1. Brand New/Hot Title
    (IE Monster Hunter: World)
    Would you reccomend it to others? Why, or why not? What are the pros/cons that most people wouldn’t see?
  2. DLC/Major Update
    (IE: Moba character reworks, or new WoW expansion)
    What does it do and how does it improve the quality of the game? Or does it hinder it? Is it a must have?
  3.  Hidden Tricks/ Must Have Tips
    You know your way around the levels, but does everyone else? How can you improve someone else’s gameplay? Hotkeys, sneaky strategies, and the like are welcome here!



If you’ve made it this far, first of all, thank you for your precious time that we know you could be spending pwning noobs and slaying baddies. Secondly, we would invite you to share this with your friends and fellow streamers, bringing them along as we continue to build this community that is gaming! Official Launch date for will shortly follow after submissions have been closed and accepted being no later than early summer.

  1. Does anyone feel like there is a lack of games to play that keep an audience when starting off streaming? For example I’ve been playing sea of thieves on stream and have got two or three more viewers than usual as i get around four or five each stream but its hard to make a name for yourself when big streamers like summit for example are more likely to be watched (No disrespect to summit or any other streamers around his size as I’m guilty for watching bigger streamers and i love to watch summit and valkia).

    ijeebz on March 24 | Reply
  2. You are exactly right, big streamers get bigger while small timers stay small. This site was created for that very reason. The aim is to get Gamer Nation News to be the big name getting bigger giving us the opportunity to share the attention with start up, hard working content creators.

    PointedOak on April 17 | Reply
  3. So how does this site work and get us viewers ?

    TTVOGFlynnGaming on March 7 | Reply
    • Any writer, editor, or really anyone who is helping run GNN gets featured as a streamer on our site as well as in our discord community. As approved streamers collaborate with each other and interact with the community you will share in the views. We all grow together.

      PointedOak on April 10 | Reply