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Who wins…Wolverine or Black Panther?! Claws take on claws.

Recently, I was asked a question all geeks, fan boys and girls love to saver and devour. Who would win a fight between Wolverine and Black Panther?

From the outset, let me state this post will discuss the pros and cons of both heroes. I will not be stating who I believe would win. Instead I leave this up to you. In doing so I invite comments and debate. After all this is what makes comics fun.

Let’s explore some of what these heroes can do. As we will see, you don’t want to run afoul of either of these massive Marvel titans.

T’challa has an amazing Vibranium costume that protects him not only from injury but deflects most weapons. It has has built-in gadgets including but not limited to, retractable Vibranium claws on all fingers, Vibranium boots, allowing the wearer to withstand most falls, and night vision. The technology includes: Vibranium daggers and Vibranium mesh habit.

See here for how his costume works.

The Panther is an expert in practically all forms of armed (and unarmed) combat. A master class in all martial arts

Due to the fact the Panther does not build up lactic acid, he can engage and fight without stopping for a complete 24-hour period. Fatigue and wear will not affect him in that time span. Thus, giving him the ability to outlast most opponents.

Black Panther Grid








King of the Dead: T’challa once held this title making him one of the most powerful in the Marvel universe.

In case you need a list of a few Black Panther victories compiled 15.


Other amazing Panther powers.


Our favorite X-men Logan has several vulnerabilities.

• Logan does have a fatal weakness. The Muramasa Blade. A mystical artifact designed to kill him. The blade can negate the regenerating powers of anyone attacked.

• Regardless of his Adamantium skeleton, Wolverine’s joints are a weak point. These points of potential attack are vulnerable to being severed or dislocated. If his joints, nerves, and tendons, are cut or strained he needs ample time to heal and restructure. However, the bones would be protected.

Let’s look at a few more weakness.


Wolverine Pros

  • Can heal at an alarming rate
  • Has been alive for possibly over a century and has fought in several wars.
  • Is fluent in many languages
  • Logan’s skeletal structure is completely infused with Adamantium one of the strongest and densest metals in the Marvel universe.
  • Logan has been extensively trained in hand to hand fighting and combat.
  • He is highly proficient and deadly with many weapons. Including the samurai sword.
Other incredible super powers you may not know Wolverine had.


Wolverine Grid







Let us know your thoughts. Have we missed anything? See you in the arena next time.

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