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To Endure or Not to Endure: Conan Exiles


Conan Exiles, published by Funcom, is finally out of Game Preview/Beta and has rocketed into full release. Players are giving options when it comes to managing game play, allowing them to decide on whether to play on a public server (of either PvP or PvE style) or on a single player/co-op world. Progress does not carry over between other servers and/or individual worlds, so it is important to decide what fits one’s playstyle best before heavily investing time into the game. Noteably, when choosing to play single player or co-op, the player has the ability to set the game difficulty, so it is not a bad place to start when looking to gain an understanding of the game and its mechanics. There are many things to do in Conan Exiles, varying from basic survival, performing religious ceremonies, and fighting world bosses- designed to put players to the test. The following categories will give you an eye into the experiences of three different types of players. The first of which being that of a gamer experienced with survival genres, playing a large variety of survival titles. The second of which comes from the experience of a player with playtime on some survival titles, but not many. The third, and last of the perspectives, features that of a gamer who is newer to the survival genre.

Experienced (CrimsonRailgun):

Personal Rating: (7 / 10)

The building system in Conan is semi-well done and has plenty going for it if the player is skilled enough to use it properly. When playing on a PvE server, whatever is built by the player is protected from griefing by other players, which should be especially beneficial to newer players. The graphics are on par with its said genre in other games and is not at all an eye sore, but it does have its flaws with loading textures on the regular Xbox One console but that is to be expected from a new developing company trying to appeal to the latest in gaming (such as Xbox One X and PC). Having played games similar to this it would be wrong if I did not mention that Conan’s UI is almost exactly the same as another survival game that came out before it. Overlooking that, it is clear that the UI is very easy to learn and navigate. One of the features in the game is an option to choose a religion for your character which allows the player to have different ways to go about their journey. Such a simple feature helps the player get immersed into the game causing a similar feel to playing older role playing games and adding distinction to this game out of the pool of others in the survival genre. That said, the game is not without flaw. On all versions of the Xbox One there seems to frame issues and friends sometimes can not connect to games with each other for unknown reasons, but it could be an isolated case.

Semi-Experienced (ShadowAnsatsu):

Personal Rating: (5 / 10)

Conan Exiles at first glance has tons of potential with a good idea and model behind it. It is however poorly executed by relatively new developers. Building an adventure/survival game out of a decent movieverse and a vast book series, was a really good strategy but most likely due to inexperience it has average gameplay with little story input. There is a few quirks in the game upon initial release, as every game does, but they are encountered in almost everything you do for basic survival such as delayed hitting or delayed combat schemes. I believe that it was fun at times and has the potential for a player to sink many hours of gameplay, but its lack of character and paying AAA game price for the same content you can get in a game for half the price does not seem worth the experience.

Little to No Experience (RegaliaBlizzard):

Personal Rating: (8 / 10)

Being new to the survival genre, Conan Exiles presents many new and exciting experiences and things to do, as well as systematically guiding the player through in-game guidance quests, which proved very useful. There are a variety of tasks at hand, derived from following quests that are designed to aid a newer player in survival. These tasks are segmented in Chapters, that serve to aid in the advancement of one’s survival. The beginning Chapters center the player on essential tasks, such as the establishment of a shelter, the crafting of a bed, and the forging of weapons and armor. By following the pathway, created by the chapters, a new player is able to progress among the tests of the land and establish themselves as a strong player. There are a variety of things to do within Conan, which aid in catering to a wide player base. As previously mentioned, players are given the option to play on either a PvP or PvE server. PvP comes with facing the destruction of one’s home by another player or even the slaughtering thereof. In the perspective of a new player. It is much nicer to stay on the PvE servers until one has a strong grasp on the concepts of the game (especially in regards to building degradation and the combat system).


Conan Exiles is accomplished in presenting new aspects to the survival genre (as seen through its religion system and boss fights), but it narrows down to an individual gamer’s experience regarding whether or not this game will serve as memorable. While these newer aspects to the survival genre help to negate the game from being considered totally bland and unoriginal, it is up to the gamer to decide whether the wilderness is right for them or not.