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The Struggle of the Horde (Part 2/2)

In the previous lore article we left the Horde in a state of freedom. Grommash and Thrall confronted Mannoroth, killing him, and setting all orcs free from the Blood Curse. Liberated now from the powers of demons, the Horde could now strive for peace and prosperity. However, given what they had done to the other inhabitants of the world while under the powers of the curse, they were not forgiven.

Before going any further, it seems necessary to note again that these lore articles contain information pulled directly from cross referencing and multiple ‘canon’ sources. However, given the nature of the universe, there are many changes and discrepancies that Blizzard has not yet touched on. The purpose of these articles is to give a baseline to different concepts within World of Warcraft. If there are glaring problems, I ask that you come to me on any media platform that is linked on my profile, and let me know. I’m not here to spread misinformation. That being said, let’s dive back in!

The Horde had little time to adjust to their newfound spirituality which was rediscovered after being released from the Blood Curse. Thrall took charge of the Horde in an attempt to make a peaceful transition. Rather than the Horde and Alliance being at each other’s throats this time, it was the Burning Legion. Leader of the invasion, Archimonde launched his attack on Azeroth.

In short, this war broke out between the inhabitants of Azeroth and the demonic invasion. The Horde and Alliance had a non-aggression pact for the duration of the war in order to fully defeat those that would come to destroy their world. Ultimately, Azeroth’s people were able to repel the invasion and set to growing peace. Though they didn’t immediately turn on each other after the war, the Horde and Alliance maintained their pact for the betterment of the world.

This pact didn’t last long however, as factions broke off from the races in an effort to reignite the conflict between the factions. On the continent of Kalimdor, Thrall rallied the orcs, trolls, and tauren and set to build their cities. As these groups worked to destroy what the Horde and Alliance had, their bond began to unravel. The pact slowly drifted to a Cold War between the Horde and Alliance while squabbles continued to break out among them.

This Cold War was escalated to full war by King Varian Wrynn, following the Battle of Angrathar where the leader of the Forsaken (in an act of betraying the Horde) attacked both the Horde and Alliance. Thrall, being a shaman, left the Horde in an attempt to investigate the elementals going crazy. In his absence, he appointed Garrosh Hellscream to be leader of the Horde. A powerful and strong orc, Garrosh openly embraced the conflict between the factions and gladly obliged a war.

Tension grew continually between the Horde and Alliance as atrocities were committed on both sides. Most notable was the dropping of a mana bomb on Theramore by Garrosh. Hearing of this and many other crimes, Thrall returned to challenge Garrosh and relieve him of his position as Warchief (killing him).

Vol’jin was the next to take up the mantle as Warchief after being a counselor for Thrall (back when he was Warchief), and known for his opposition to Garrosh and his strong mind.


Vol’jin of the Darkspear Tribe


The Horde and Alliance remained at each other’s throats for many years, but finally was able to come to another treaty between King Varian and Warchief Vol’jin as the Burning Legion attempted to invade Azeroth once again.

Upon the Broken Shore, Varian was killed and Vol’jin was fatally wounded. Believing that the death of Varian was the fault of the Horde, tension was at its peak. After the defeat of the Burning Legion, the Horde is in conflict with the Alliance once again as disagreements and issues continue to show themselves.

The current expansion of World of Warcraft is dealing with this war. Varian’s son Anduin leads the Alliance in the war against the Horde which is currently led by Sylvanas Windrunner. Unsure of what may come about, we’re in a state of wondering who is morally reprehensible for the atrocities that have befallen the world. The Horde struggles to maintain their foothold on Azeroth as support fluxuates for their current leader. New blood is on the horizon, and Battle for Azeroth will tell us in the coming weeks what is to become of the once mighty Horde.

Current Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner

Lok’tar Ogar