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The Leak Heard ’Round the World

So, you may or may not have heard of a recent leak of an old prototype of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. Yes, it was a rom that was leaked and yes, there are unknown pokemon in the rom. If you are on any rohacking or pokemon discord, then your server has been buzzing with hype over the last couple days. This prototype has created more speculation, than even possibly the early capsule monsters concepts and scraped generation one pokemon.

Why All the Hype 20 Years Later?

If your childhood was pokemon, then you probably understand. There are pokemon in this rom that were scraped, but later picked back up. This gives us a look into the early development of one of our favorite games, a game many have grown up on. There are images from Spaceworld ’97, but this gives us a product we can actually test an play with. There is a team of romhackers disassembling the rom and we speak, then people like you and I can change and play with it.

As I watch the excitement in discord, while I am writing this, it really puts me in awe at the concept baby pokemon and early artwork. It makes me wanna take a blue and red version rom and swap out the artwork with the early red and green versions. It personally had Blue Version as my game that I always played, but getting to see this makes me super happy.

Where is the Gameplay?

Well, if you wanna check out the game or just wanna see more there are place you can go. You can check the in progress disassembly of this rom on github. Get a good look at those pics and beta pokemon, like leafeon.


If you just want more info and to see on the spot updates. There is a wiki page that has a lot of info already. This will tell you all those sweet debug features.

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