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The Last Jedi: A Divisive Story

Six months ago, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released and became an instantly divisive movie. It became the truest form of a love it or hate it movie. Some lauded the writing and direction of the movie. Some calling it the best in the series. Others calling it an abysmal misfire for the exact same reasons. Regardless of the how you feel about The Last Jedi one thing is clear. We all love and care about the franchise as a whole. In the coming future there will be more spin off stories. A new trilogy of films from Rian Johnson. A TV series from Jon Favreau. Plus, another Stars Wars film series from Game of Thrones duo David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. With so much future Star Wars content I think it’s time to accept that not every Star Wars story is going to be for everyone.

A Fools Errand

The reason I bring this up is because of A fan funded initiative to remake The Last Jedi. The website gives a full description of why they want to remake the film. You can also pledge a donation from $10 all the way to $10,000. Now this is not actually donating money. It’s a Google form which only requires your email address and how much money you are willing to donate If they are able to remake the movie. In fact, my YouTube channel, Free Cake, made a pledge of $10,000 because why not. Their pledge total as of this writing is $377,625,190. In case you’re wondering the estimated budget is for The Last Jedi is $200,000,000 to $250,000,000. It would seem that they have more than enough “money” in pledges to make this happen. Now Disney needs to get on the phone so that fans can fix the franchise they purchased for four billion dollars. Now if this seems silly that’s because it is. This endeavor is misguided. A lot hatred shown towards this film and the people involved has been misguided.

The Dark Side

Everyone is free to dislike something and express it in a constructive way. However, when you start attacking someone based on their skin color or gender you’ve crossed the line from displeased fan to bigot. In recent weeks Kelly Marie Tran left Instagram because of the hateful post she was constantly receiving for her portrayal of Rose Tico. Fan page Wookiepedia was altered to include racial slurs about her character. It’s another example fans taking umbrage with something that wasn’t specifically meant for you. Again, its ok if you didn’t like her character and the way it was written. You do need to show basic human respect when voicing your displeasure with something. Ethnicity and gender are not an indictment on the enjoyment of a character.


Considering the amount of future Star Wars content, I genuinely hope that we can all find a Star Wars story that we personally vibe with. Personally, I didn’t enjoy The Last Jedi or Solo but I’m still eager to find the next piece of Star Wars content that I do enjoy because I love the property so much. There are such a variety of stories that are just waiting to be told in this universe. You only need to look at Stars Wars Legends as an example. As a DC fan I know the disappointment of waiting years with anticipation only to be let down. Every Star Wars movie that comes out will not be for everyone and it’s just time that we accept that.