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Thanos LEGO Statue is Coming to SDCC…Life-Size

Let us find balance in the Lego.
Lego is paying homage to a supervillain.
The brick company proudly unveiled a Lego sculpture of The Mad Titian: Thanos (Josh Brolin). The impressive statue is life-size and stands eight-and-a-half feet tall. With a hefty weight of 450 pounds, the Averages ‘foe contains 91,350 LEGO bricks. Bound for San Diego Comic-Con this coming weekend, is sure to be a significant attraction.

If you’re looking to take a selfie with the brick purple giant, you can seek out the LEGO exhibit at SDCC this Thursday, when the events showcase officially kicks off.

The company stated it took LEGO Master Builders 418 hours to finish.
“Perfectly balanced… as all things should be.”  Wouldn’t you agree?

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