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Teen Titans GO! To The Movies

As if Teen Titans wasn’t already good enough on TV now we have the movie!? And we have a hilarious TV spot for the new Teen Titans Go! To The Movies.

The upcoming film will take jabs and swipes at almost everything DC Comics. No one is safe including the Batman. The TV spot unabashedly aims at Batman being the company’s most popular character.

Opening with a shot of a red-carpet movie premiere for a film called “Batman Again,” the Bat jokes only start from there. As the trailer goes on the spot makes fun of the DC Extended Universe’s upcoming big release…Aquaman

Hitting theaters on July 27 by Warner Bros. Pictures, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies will feature recurring series stars.

A Cast Of Characters

Scott Menville as Robin,

Khary Payton as Cyborg,

Hynden Walch as Starfire,

Greg Cipes as Beast Boy,

and Tara Strong as Raven,

joined by Kristen Bell as Jade Wilson

and Will Arnett as Slade.

With special guests Nicolas Cage as Superman,

Halsey as Wonder Woman

Lil Yachty as Green Lantern.

David Kaye as the movie trailer announce

The Plot

Upon learning almost every hero in the DC Universe has their own films the Teen Titans want in. In searching for a big-time director for their movie Jade Wilson promptly rejects their offer. She cites recent events over the past years and the fact they’re no longer taken seriously.

All is not lost for the movie as they capitalize on a window of opportunity by facing an old nemesis Slade (the Deadpool wanna be…just kidding)…who plans on attempting to mind control the entire Justice League and thus take over the world

Directed by producer Peter Rida Michail and developer Aaron Horvath, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies looks like it will be packed with easter eggs DC aficionados will devour.


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