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Teen Titans Go! From Small Screen to DCs Best Movie

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is my favorite DC movie since The Dark Knight trilogy. It succeeds in being a funny irreverent comedy for kids and also a smartly written comedy for adults. My kids and I can be laughing at the same joke for two entirely different reasons. If you have been a fan of the Teen Titans Go! show on Cartoon Network then you won’t be surprised by this. All you love from the show are here on a grander scale.

The Gist

The plot for the Teen Titans sees all the superheroes around them starring in their own movies. Robin is desperate for the Teen Titans to start in their own movie as well as not being seen as a sidekick. They travel to Hollywood to get the attention of a big time director. All the original TV voice actors of the Titans return for the feature film. I have to point out that Nicholas Cage gets to voice Superman. A journey, decades in the making, as he was cast to play Superman in Tim Burtons Superman Lives movies in the late 90s.

Again, if you are familiar with the show then you know that Teen Titans are dripping with satirical humor. Also, not afraid to poke fun at itself and other characters in the DC universe. Green Lantern comments on how he was in a movie but they don’t talk about that anymore. Cyborg confusing Deathstroke with Deadpool given that the latter is more popular. There are numerous cameos that range from well-known to obscure to how did Warner Bros. make this happen. They definitely take shots at Marvel especially when it comes to creating a cinematic universe. Then there is the singing. You could almost consider the Teen Titans Go! To the Movies a musical. This is all par for the course, as many of the TV show episodes include songs. For me the songs are hilarious.

The cons to the movie are the same with the show as well. The Teen Titans tend to be obnoxious and loud. That can get annoying over a long period of time. A normal episode is 11 minutes this movie is 90. So, the constant yelling can wear on you by the end. There is a lot of crass humor that will appeal to kids but for adults this will definitely get tiring. Depending on your parenting style you may not even want you kids to watch something with constant butt jokes.


If your fan of the show you won’t be disappointed. It’s like a 90 minute episode which in this case is mostly a great thing. It’s crass humor and obnoxiousness can be tiresome but the jokes are multilayered. While the tenth fart joke isn’t funny the writers are smart enough layer it with something that will appeal to the adults. Then all the Easter Eggs and self-deprecating humor is terrific. Not to mention the after credits scene. If you are a fan of the 2003 Teen Titans that had a more serious take on the characters, then you are going to want to stick around.