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Archangel is American YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, Writer, & Dungeon Master from Kentucky. She grew up with a PlayStation controller in her hands thanks to her dad’s love of video games. Later, after her love for gaming was reawakened in her first year of high school, she found herself rather fond of RPGs like Skyrim and The Last of Us. Her love for fictional writing began at the age of nine and continues to carry into the rest of her life as she works towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. During her senior year of high school, she started her own YouTube channel for gaming. That same year, she fell deeply in love with Dungeons & Dragons thanks to Critical Role, beginning an obsession and later her own campaign that she streams on Twitch with her friends. As a DM and a writer, she is passionate about and focused on storytelling and characters, attempting to fuse those passions with the rules and mechanics of the game. As an aside, she also loves collecting dice.

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