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Super Robot Wars X a Master Strategy Game?

Super Robot Wars X (AKA Super Robot Taisen), a strategy game that brings in multiple different Anime’s into a single game for an awesome adventure. But is the adventure wholly original, or did they just rewrite an older version of the game? To be clear, this article will contain spoilers so if you have any intention of playing this game and don’t want to ruin it for yourself I would skip the story section.

The Basics

The first thing I noticed about Super Robot Wars X, is that the controls, and the menus, are basically the same as Super Robot Wars V. Your confirmation button is the O, the X cancels commands, holding circle speeds up cutscenes, and pressing L1 and O allows you to skip through most of the speech.

As always these games are chatty heavy. They talk so much it is actually dizzying. At times it’s upsetting that these games don’t get an English Dub it would be so much more enjoyable. That being said, the absolute best thing about this game is the massive number of series that get combined into this one game. Who doesn’t want to see Lelouch’s Rebellion Nightmares and Gundam Endless Waltz Mobile suits in action?! What about the awesome Gurren Lagann? The games from the Super Robot Wars universe do these combinations and create an amazing storyline, filled with great animated cutscenes of attacks.

Why is it so Rare in the US

However, because the games contain so many different licensed series, it tends to have tons of troubles getting released overseas. So this title can only be imported from Singapore. What does that mean for us International gamers? Well we tend to have to wait over 3 weeks to receive a game released nearly a month ago.  It also means we don’t get to see any of the DLC that the other countries have. Both of these are like a hard kick to the crotch of the local anime loving gamer.

The story

That being said Super Robot Wars X returns us to the world of Cross Ange Rondo of Angel. Your first character is the protagonist, either a female or a male of your choice, who is a sorcerer piloting a mecha whom attacks are powered by your magic.You first save a child and then find out that child is “the Savior”.  We are gonna skip ahead a bit and find ourselves face to face with Ange fairly early in the game. The story of course uses the same little effect from Super Robot Wars V to create the inter-dimensional travel. Ange is once again the cause of the inter-dimensional interactions.

With half the cast being the same as the previous super robot wars (SRW-V) You tend to have a ton of chapters that follow a very similar story line, with a few exceptions. You end up having to fight some villains again as you did in SRW-V. Due to this I honestly felt like I bought half a new game, and a year old game at the same time.


Although I love this series, and enjoy the games; due to repeat content in this latest game, I have to reduce my rankings for this game. I would give this game a 3.5 out of 5. Had it been fully original, I probably would have scored it a 4.5 out of five.

If you are looking for a game that you can play at ease, one level at a time, and can give you a bit of a challenge, I would recommend this. Especially if you are new to the series and do enjoy strategy games. However if you played Super Robot Wars V and really don’t have any interest in the cast of this game, I would forgo this one.