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Steam Link – Steam Games on Mobile!

So, yes, it has been a little bit of time since Valve pushed out their Steam Link app, but it is time that many have used to figure the app out and play with it. It is a really good app, and it does it’s job well. The only problem I ran into was my network speeds. I was super hype to be able to use my phone to play game like Fallout New Vegas. I have tried it a couple times, but it still has latency issues, as can be expected by a service that runs over your home network. I don’t fault it for that.

Do I need the Steam Link?

So, no a Steam Link is not required for this. I don’t have one myself. You just need a controller to connect to your phone. I am sure you already know how to do this, if not, there are plenty of sites you can look for with Google.

The extra feature the app does have is touch support. So, I know there are games that have launchers that you need a mouse a keyboard to operate, so you can now just tap to hit that play button. It even fits the window to fill the screen and does pretty well at using mouse regions when you tap something. It even allows you control the zoom on the screen while in game, so you can see that small detail without getting your face closer to the monitor.

Which controllers do I use with this?

Well, you can use any controller that you can connect to your phone. Be it over bluetooth or using an on-the-go cable. The steam link app will recognize a controller is connected and you’ll be able to configure it to your liking, or rather steam will have your configurations figured out for it. The steam link app will use the Steam Input system. So, all controller inputs go through their system rather than the input system of your OS.

Now, if you are a Steam Controller junkie like me, you should be aware by now that the Steam Controller got a firmware update, or rather option, that allows you to connect it over BLE. Yes, you can use your steam controller with your phone! (I’m hoping that those third party drivers make their way to android.) The configs that you so love will work just the same on your favorite tiny screen.

Now, if you have an iPhone, when the app was first released, Apple rejected it from their App Store. Apple didn’t like it being connected to Steam’s store front, (PC games are against Apple terms?) but Android users were able to enjoy their game while our Apple buddies couldn’t outside of the early beta. So, get the app and enjoy. It should be on iOS as well, by now, since Valve ripped the Steam Store experience out. Also, make sure your network is fast enough for it.