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Star Impact: Jumping Into Fun

Interstellar Platform

Star Impact is a runner platform game that provides fast-paced fun immediately. Players play as Stella Striker, who is following in her grandfather’s footsteps as an interstellar space traveler. The story begins as a small tutorial in which players assume the role of Stella’s grandfather, who disappears into space after piloting the first ever interstellar spaceship, Icarus. As Stella, players undertake interstellar travel in the Icarus II and must travel in order to discover the mystery of Stella’s grandfather’s disappearance. The game released on May 14 and was developed and produced by Me Games.

Sights and Sounds

The first thing I noticed about Star Impact was the beautiful colors in all of the artwork. The artists of this game very effectively created a beautiful planet that satisfies the imagination. The backgrounds are full of vibrant colors, stars and other landscapes that make the planet Stella is traveling seem very diverse, and in some places ominous. Each obstacle and alien are very unique with a cartoonish art style that portrays a fun and quirky environment. Another interesting aspect that the developers added into the game was the ability to choose three different music tracks to replay throughout the levels. When the new song comes on players are able to use a free revive that doesn’t affect their score when they die. Players can swap the tracks out between levels from a library of songs that unlock as the game progresses. This gives players three free revives per level, and with my gameplay they were certainly needed. The music itself is mostly a techno/electronic genre and sets Stella up as a high paced runner. The tracks are named after scientists such as “Einstein’s Insanity” and create a tempo that gives a sense of urgency as Stella jumps over spikes runs from alien entities.

Gameplay and Controls

Start Impact is extremely easy to play, and can be played using only two buttons! The dash button is only unlocked after completing the game on casual difficulty, so in the beginning you need only one simple button: jump. Stella is constantly moving forward, and you must jump over aliens and spikes to avoid getting hit and starting over. I found that I often had to reverse direction and find my way through each level. I learned very quickly that timing is everything. While running, players must press the jump button at the exact right time and for the right amount of time in order to progress through each obstacle. There are also cannons that Stella can jump into that shoot her in the direction either automatically or when pressing the button to jump. Some of the cannons are spinning and players must click to be launched at the exact moment to make it, reminiscent of old Donkey Kong games. In fact, Me Games states on their website and even with a video on their Facebook page that they took inspiration from Donkey Kong games. There are many different directions that can be taken in order to reach the end and there are journal entries or story logs that are picked up in different locations. Multiple playthroughs will be necessary to unlock each item, which makes it a game worth playing a few times through.


In conclusion, Star Impact is a very fun game. While fast-paced and frustrating in spots, anyone who loves a good runner or platformer would take great joy in playing through this game. The story is good, and the art and music are even better. For a phenomenal price of $7.99 on Steam, this game is definitely worth picking up and playing, either to pass some time or to enjoy a fun game with the kids.