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Spider-Man And Doctor Strange Co-Creator Comic Legend Steve Ditko Dead At 90

A sad day in the comic universe has been reported. The iconic legendary creator Steve Ditko has died at the age of 90. The famed artist never married and had no offspring. While the cause of his unfortunate demise has yet to be reported the death was confirmed by the New York Police Department.
The comic visionary was found deceased in his Manhattan studio on Friday, June 29. It is believed he died two days before being discovered.

The Vision

His vision is credited for such co-creations as Spider-Man and Doctor Strange with Marvel leader Stan Lee. He was responsible for such creative decisions as imaging Spidey’s now iconic red and blue costume. As well as the wall crawler’s trademark web shooters.

While teaming up with Stan Lee, Ditko created and penned such Sinister Six members as Doctor Octopus, the Vulture, the Green Goblin, and Sandman. The duo was also responsible for Amazing Fantasy #15, Spider-Man’s first appearance. The classic character now has more than 800 issues since its debut in 1963.

The comic creators teamed up again in the panels of Strange Tales #110 (July 1963) for the unveiling of the psychedelic Doctor Stephen Strange.

The reclusive and quiet Ditko was known as the “J.D. Salinger” of comics. Rarely if ever speaking on record since 1970. He did not participate in any publicity that accompanied the hit movies Doctor Strange and Spider-Man.

The character creation continued on Amazing Spider-Man until issue #38.
Under his direction we saw such mainstay classic characters as Norman and Harry Osborn, From the Daily BugleJ. Jonah Jameson, and Betty Brant. From Spidey’s home life Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and Gwen Stacy. Then rounding out the Sinister Six Electro, Mysterio, and Kraven the Hunter.
From his work on Strange Tales, which he worked on until issue #146 (1966) we find a bevy of classics he brought to life. Under the Doctor Strange title, we have the Ancient One, Dormammu, Wong, and Nightmare.

The Partnership

Unfortunately, over time the partnership team of Lee and Ditko infamously eroded and eventually split. The reasons for the break up have yet to be entirely revealed.
However, in 2017 making a rare comment, Lee talked about how the pair disagreed and clashed over Lee’s controversial decision to reveal the Green Goblin secret identity as the father of Peter Parker’s best friend.

Among his Marvel creations, Ditko also worked on and is created for co-creation such titles as Captain Atom, team Hawk and Dove, and the Creeper under the DC banner.

This superhero juggernaut will be sadly missed. November 2, 1927, -June 29, 2018,