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Season 8 is Done. Iron 4, Here I Come


The end of Season 8, and now onward to the crazy pre-season before the next ranked season, Season 9, begins. But how was Season 8, was it good, was it bad, was it okay?

Season 8, in my opinion, was an okay season but there were just too many problems when it comes to Riot and their balancing. Also I’m a plebby Gold 4.

Annoyance of Season 8

Nothing like having a hybrid, attack speed, AD/AP damage, dash, invisible, speed boost, shield, insane damage, ADC on the enemy team. Kai’sa, we all love this champ, you know the one who builds hybrid and one shots you late game. This “ADC” was a nightmare, or maybe that’s just for me. I absolutely disliked playing against Kai’sa, she gets so many advantages without any drawbacks. As long as she gets nerfed, it will be fine but currently it’s too insane for me.

Your Sion is inting? Of course he is! This “Inting Sion” build/meta came in closer to the end of the season and still runs strong! Essentially all you do is int as Sion and go for towers; it is completely cheesy and annoying to play against. Luckily with the new patch updates coming soon, towers will have plates on them, making it hard to play Inting Sion in the beginning or maybe it will make it more rewarding with the extra huge amount of gold you get? Nevertheless, Inting Sion is something I wish to not see again!

While I haven’t seen this a lot, it’s actually really annoying. Iceborn Gauntlet Mid/Top Viktor. Have fun out running this guy. Does so much damage with only an iceborn and it’s default item? How is that in any way fair. I hope to see this nerfed soon.

Memories to Remember

  • Inting Sion
  • Bruisers in the botlane
  • ADCs being trash at the start of the season
  • Riot’s balancing
  • League Worlds 2018

League Worlds 2018!

Ok, this year was just crazy. C9 actually made it to the semi-finals, I thought NA had a chance to win Worlds for the first time ever. But of course, EU kicked them out of the field and took the spot, damn Fnatic. After that, Fnatic got kicked out and Invictus Gaming, a Chinese esports team, won Worlds 2018. I don’t really watch Worlds, I just look at the scores and watch a few clips. But I must tell you G2 against IG, I really thought G2 stand for Gold 2 in those games; they just got stomped and did poorly. Perhaps Worlds needs its own article?

My Ranked Season Story

Well, this season I placed in bronze 1 which is not high at all, quite low, but in season 7 I ended in Silver 3, so I was bound to place high bronze low silver. I ranked up to silver 4 in 3 days and this is where hell broke loose. Getting from silver 4 to silver 3 took a few more games than before, but Silver 3 to Silver 1 was absolute hell. I would always get promoted then demoted to my previous rank so I was stuck in silver 3 for a while then stuck in a silver 2 for a while. I finally was able to get to Silver 1 and keep it. I played till eventually I got into my Gold 3 series that I failed twice, and gave up at the end in Gold 4. This was my first season placing in Gold, so it was an accomplishment for me. Nevertheless, I did not want to deal with ranked anymore, so after losing all the time, I quit.

I played ADC and would sometimes switch for a rank. I mained Jhin, and used Tristana as my secondary pick. When I did switch, I usually switched for JG in silver 2, support in gold 4, Mid in Gold 5, and Top in Gold 4. Honestly, I am trying to get away from ADC, I find it getting boring and now I am trying to learn Top and maybe Mid again, I used to main the old katarina in Season 6, and then Yasuo near the end of Season 6 and the first half of Season 7.
Ugh, maybe with the new ranking system, here I come…Platinum??

Season 9, Looking Good or Looking Bad?

Season 9 is more rewarding to the better player and team. With the new plate system on outer turrets, it encourages more team-play and cooperation to be able to get those plates for extra gold and to push the turret. Tis da Season of Goldie Coins, a Goblin’s Heaven! Also now 5 different ranks based on lane? So you can be Diamond 5 in Mid, but Silver 2 in ADC. This is just another addon to make it more casual friendly than competitive. I feel like this change will ruin the ranked scene on League except when it comes to the Pro-scene as it will be unaffected by this change.


While an alright season, it was not the best. I put it low on the list. And to be fair I’ve only played since season 6, and season 8 for me is the 3rd on the list with season 7 being the 2nd and season 6 being 1st. The ranked scene we enjoyed will change forever in Season 9, and it is not a path League should be taking to make the game better than what it is now.