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Salt Lake Gaming Con 2019

Salt Lake Gaming Con took place this final weekend of June, on the dates of June 27th, 28th, and 29th. During these days many developers and vendors gathered around as players toured over new games currently in development, competed for chances to enter regional gaming competitions, or simply went ahead and had some straight up fun LARPing or shooting Nerf guns in a mini arena. 

The convention wasn’t too crowded on the first two days, honestly most visitors probably had to work Thursdays and Fridays, however Saturday there was a much more persistent crowd of people. While Touring the Vending floors you could find many vendors that were also developers trying to promote their upcoming games. These games could range from Tabletop board games, such as Masters Of Wills, Midarra and Emberwind, or digital games, such as Floating Wonderland, and BirthRight.

Obviously one of the appeals of these conventions is the ability to meet and greet a voice actor or popular streamer that has been invited to these conventions. This year they had some Noticeable voice actors such as the voice of Overwatches Pharah, and Hanzo. There was even a point where the voice actor for Hanzo got to play a game of Overwatch with some of the players at the event. 

There are many people that still don’t know the existence of Salt Lake Gaming Con, however it seems this was the fourth running year for this Convention. With the various activities littered across the floor it’s nearly impossible to want to leave, or at least so one would think, till their legs feel like they are on fire from touring the floor so much. Which brings us to those vendors, You will see a variance of vendors from artists selling their paintings, to entrepreneurs selling their inventions and trying to promote it. 

One such Vendor was the stand for GT Throne, this vendor simply had two screens, one PS4 -one Xbox 1, both will Call of Duty 4 Zombies playing. However this isn’t what caught our eyes during the convention. What did catch our attention was the black gaming chairs that we saw. The vendor kindly greeted us, and offered for us to sit and play. Once sat we begin running around in CoD4, and notice an odd sensation as we hear sounds on the headphones, the chair is vibrating! And not just vibrating for the heck of it, but vibrating to specific sounds and volumes! I was quite thoroughly impressed with this innovation. 

I would love to go deeper into this, however each experience I had while at the con is enough to make my own head spin. I’ll be going into each of the games I listed above over the next month and writing a review for each one as I demo all of the games on that list. And I will describe in more detail the experience with GT Thrones immersive Vibrating chairs.