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Race on in to The Crew 2

What is The Crew 2?

rear view green sports car with black racing stripes in a parking lot.

The Crew 2 is an arcade racing game with a various ways and activities to tear up the compact U.S.A in its entirety. As the player you start of in an event race which flip flops around the different types of vehicles in a single race. This could range from starting in a car then switching to a boat and finishing with a plane (but this can be mixed and matched with other categories in the car, boat and plane). After the beginning the player is giving free roam of the map and can decide what type of racing they would like to do which ranges from street, offroad, drift, etc for the cars to stunt, acrobatics, and air races in the planes. The game also has other things to do instead of racing such as photo ops which tells you to take a photo of a specific build

ing, wildlife, or a while doing a certain stunt. There’s also a scavenger hunt type of system which allows the player to look for Live Crates which gives you some loot for the car being driven at the time



Blue sports car on display floor

The Crew 2 features a fairly large selection when it comes to customization options for one’s vehicles. Having the ability to customize a car is what gives it that immersive feeling, allowing the player to connect with their virtual vehicle. This game delivers, for the most part, on allowing the player to customize vehicles to their liking. Most of the vehicles allow players to customize different components of the vehicles (such as the front bumper, rims, or spoilers). The photo above shows the customization of the Dodge Viper, in which editing is being done to the front bumper of the car. The photo of the Ford Mustang shows a car that has been fully customized, though customization does not end there. Players are awarded mechanic parts, called Motorcore, (such as tires, intakes, and brakes) for winning events, which are used to increase the “level” of the vehicle. There are three classifications of parts, in the order of Common, Rare, and Epic. Rare and Epic parts have the ability to alter a vehicles performance, such as adding more control or multipliers to style points.


The aesthetic of this game looks super good when it comes to the cars and most of the tracks but falls short when looking at the everything else. You can tell the work put into making each car perfect, from the way the car feels to the interior of the car itself. The game also doesn’t take itself too seriously considering its an arcade game that allows the player to switch anytime between three different classes of vehicles. Every car feels different and makes it a challenge when switching to a new car, boat, and plane. There’s countless hours of content to jump into and numerous motorsport brands to get your vehicles from (not including Mitsubishi or Toyota). The bulk of the game’s map doesn’t look good compared to modern games coming out. This is a major disappointment considering that the first game had the same problem. The races are fun and all feel different but there’s a distinct lack of event races which throws the player into all of the vehicles in one race, but the ones that are there are super enjoyable. I would also like the see the game take advantage of its massive map by doing more long distance races.


The Crew 2 delivers on bringing an exciting racing experience to players. With the ability to participate in events ranging from high speed boat races to monster truck skate parks, there is always something for every kind of player. Money is not impossible to earn within the game, and with the ability to earn money from all these different kinds of events, it helps take away the dull grind of the same races over and over again for money to buy whatever car the player fancies. This game is worth is $60 price tag, and does feature a season pass for future DLC that can also be purchased. Whether the DLC season pass will be worth the purchase or not depends on whether or not the game will continue its drive for glory, or run out of gas and fade away, something that only time currently can tell. The game has great potential to retain its player base because of its diversive list of events to participate in. So what are you waiting for? Put the pedal to the medal and jump into this thrilling racing game.