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Pyke: the Tide Changing Carry Support

Trying to carry from a support role? Pyke will help you reel in the wins

One of the biggest frustrations in league ranked play currently is for those who play support, or even those who get auto-filled support. When you’re playing in lower elo (bronze-plat) it’s very difficult to play the role as it’s meant to be played and still be confident on achieving victory as a team. As a support, you’re heavily reliant on the competency of your teammates due to the fact that support generally isn’t a role that will be able to solo-carry a game when played properly. Yes you can make a world of difference when you’re keeping your carries alive, setting up kills for your team, and shot calling, but as a whole, it’s not supposed to be where your main source of team damage is coming from.

Now there are “carry supports” (Brand, Zyra, Morgana, Lux) who are generally considered mid-laners because they’re capable of handling themselves on in their own lane but what makes them so dangerous when you take these champions into the support role is that they don’t need much gold in lane to achieve immense amounts of damage. If you can play them well, you can contribute greatly to your team’s destruction in team fights, and most of the time you can handle yourself in an average 1v1, whereas a normal support generally shouldn’t be able to output that much damage. It’s looking like Pyke is going to be another one of these carry supports.

Pyke: The Bloodharbor Ripper is the next champion in line for Riot to release. While his complete lore has yet to be released, Pyke is a Bilgewater champion who was abandoned by his crew to the depths of the sea. This undead creature continues to haunt the docks seeking revenge for his ghastly fate.

Pyke’s kit is not one of a utility or peeling support, but one who can tactically set up kills and help ensure that his team is able to push their gold lead further and further with every kill, helping to solidify quick damage increase items for his ADC to help gain advantage in lane. Pyke is not going to be a frontline support, but more of one who will flank and surprise the enemy team for picks in order to ensure victory.

Pyke’s Passive: Gift of the drowned ones

When Pyke takes damage specifically from champions, he has the opportunity to heal back a certain amount of that damage if the enemy team loses vision of him. The amount of damage that he has the ability to heal back is shown in grey on the health bar, similar to Tahm Kench’s grey health for his Thick Skin.

Pyke’s Q: Bone Skewer

Bone Skewer is a two part damage/crowd control ability. If you just tap Q, Pyke will reach out and stab enemies immediately, also slowing them. However, if you press and hold Q, Pyke will throw his harpoon out to grab the first enemy struck and pulling them towards him.

Pyke’s W: Ghostwater Dive

When activated, Ghostwater dive will camouflage Pyke similar to Twitch’s Ambush. While camouflaged, Pyke will gain movement speed that decays, and he will remain unseen unless a champion, turret, or control ward comes within the range circle around him. Doing any sort of damage or casting will immediately end this ability.

Pyke’s E: Phantom Undertow

I feel like Phantom’s Undertow can most closely be related to Shen’s Shadow Dash. However, it has some major differences. When activated, Pyke dashes forward, leaving a shadow behind that follows directly behind him after a short delay. If this shadow hits any enemies while returning to Pyke, it will stun and damage all in its path.

Pyke’s R- Death From Below

Pyke’s ultimate ability is an X marks the spot execute that resets similarly to Darius’s Noxian Guillotine. Instead of being a single target ability, Death From Below is an AOE ability that has the potential to execute multiple targets at once. When cast, this ability places an X shape on the map that Pyke blinks to in order to do his damage, but in order for the blink to actually occur, it has to connect to an enemy champion. This ability cannot be manipulated to simply escape over a wall. Any champions not within the threshold for execution when Pyke blinks to them simply take a flat amount of damage. Also if Death From Below is successful in executing an enemy champion, it gives Pyke a reset on the ability, allowing him to use it again within a short period of time. The way that they are able to pass this ability off as being a “support” ultimate is because the last ally to assist in the kill also gets the full amount of gold for the kill that Pyke gets. Minions and monsters can also take damage from Pyke’s R, so he has slight potential for dragon or baron steals (unlike Sona R, which only targets champions).

So while Riot is labeling Pyke as a Support Champion, he will also definitely have the capabilities to solo lane or jungle when built full damage, you’ll just have to be mindful of his low survivability. Riot also has some ideas in the works in regards to the ranked system to help work towards making it easier to climb no matter what role you main (even solo-queuing as a support) but nothing is set in stone yet. In the mean time they’re handing us another tool to carry from the support role so you can make the enemy team sleep with the fishes.

Pyke Champion Teaser: