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Platforming, References, and… Chickens? Guacamelee 2


Guacamelee 2 starts off at the end of the first game, You fight the final boss really quickly then it’s on to the story! You are needed in the darkest timeline, where you failed to defeat Calaca, and another man defeated him, unfortunately he is deathly ill. To counteract this, he needs to look for the holy guacamole. Thus you have your plot.


This game is a metroidvania so expect a lot of skills to learn and backtracking to get collectables. Your movements have just the right amount of weight to feel good jumping around and exploring. The combat is also really good, each hit has a nice weight so it feels like you’re slamming skeletons in the ground.

Final Points

This game is amazing. It’s colorful, lively, and just fun to play. The references are everywhere and to everything. To list a few, there’s Zelda 2, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Super Mario Brothers, He-Man, Black Panther, Metroid, and there’s even a reference to the miiverse post, Y Can’t Metroid Crawl? This game is a must buy for fans of metroidvania’s and for fans of chickens. Just don’t make the chickens too angry.