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Pitfall Planet – A Review

Pitfall planet is an adorable co-op puzzle game originally developed by Bonfire Games and released on PC on May 2016. The game was recreated by Abstraction on Nintendo Switch and was released on April 4, 2019.

The game follows two astrobots who crash land on an abandoned mining planet. In order to return home, the astrobots must repair their ship by collecting fuel and rescue their missing crew members by navigating through the dangerous subterranean tunnels.

Using a grappler, players can interact with objects in game. Most importantly, since jumping is non-existent, this mechanic allows players to toss each other (and objects) to complete the puzzle.


    For someone who doesn’t play a lot of co-op games, I found this game to be fabulously fun and entertaining. The game is easy to pick up and the controls are fairly easy to learn. There was a helpful tutorial portion that introduced each mechanic to the players if they haven’t figured it out already. I actually found it refreshing because everything was straightforward and I didn’t have to deal with combos and what not.

Gameplay-wise, what can I say? Everything ran so smoothly. Each level had its own unique challenge and it’s impossible to play this by yourself. Teamwork is required. Depending on the nature of the level, and how many times your buddy throws you off the map or into the lava, each level takes about maybe 15 to 20 minutes top. For one level, we were done in less than five.

Restarting the level is going to happen. The game doesn’t punish the players for this, but actually encourages this. If, for whatever reason, your buddy is out of commission, chances are, you won’t be able to get through the entire puzzle by yourself.

Another thing that I liked was how players could buy hats for the astrobots. Players can collect diamonds to buy said hats so you can play in style. Plus, who doesn’t love robots with hats?

As a puzzle game, Pitfall Planet did have its challenging moments. Some levels took a moment to figure out what to do and get the timing right. The game gradually builds the difficulty of each puzzle. There were even boss fights that took trial and error to overcome.

Saying this, I wish there had been a bit more of a challenge. There were easy and difficult puzzles and I think that the mixture was done really well. However, I couldn’t help but feel like there could have been more to those puzzles. I also felt, in some way, that the puzzles didn’t build off each other. There were some areas that did have to be unlocked but that was really the only connection so to speak.

Music & Graphics

The game is very beautiful and the music is on point. With each level, the music changes and flows very naturally that it doesn’t distract from the game. If there was a CD of the soundtrack or digital file, I would definitely get it.

As I mentioned before, the game ran very smoothly. It had the proper amount of lighting to enjoy playing without straining my eyes which was a huge plus for me. All the colors blend and mesh well together that it’s a feast for the eyes. It also meant that I could keep playing without through the levels without feeling like my eyes burned.


    Pitfall Planet is an adorable and fun co-op puzzle game that was originally developed by Bonfire Games. The game was recreated by Abstraction. It is available on Steam for $9.99 and on Nintendo Switch for $14.99. Players navigate two astrobots through subterranean levels using grapplers to toss objects and themselves to solve the puzzle.

Overall, I have to say that Pitfall Planet was a very enjoyable game. One issue I found was that the controls were bit wonky at times. The joystick was very sensitive to any movement so you had to be extra careful about where you were going to throw your buddy and objects. However, that wasn’t a huge deal breaker for me. I do wish the game to have a bit more content. Depending on how much time you have, the game can be completed in perhaps in a day. Personally, I wouldn’t mind playing through the game again just to get all the diamonds and buy hats. It’s definitely worth if you enjoy short puzzle games.