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The Troubleshooter Corps was founded by Friend Computer in response to the [CLASSIFIED:  VIOLET] Incident. Due to [DELETED] Friend Computer found it most wise to create a security team beholden to no authority but Friend Computer directly. Any INFRARED citizen who turns in a fellow citizen for treason is given consideration for the corps. Only citizens RED and up may be troubleshooters.

Troubleshooters are dispatched by The Computer in teams of up to [CLASSIFIED: BLUE] but generally no less than 4 in response to threats of Treason. Troubleshooters are given wide authority and great autonomy in their duties. Even IntSec isn’t safe from their watchful eye! In the most basic games of PARANOIA, the PCs play as a troubleshooter team and go on missions. (More advanced players can ease into more deep Roleplaying if they really like the setting.) During their time between missions, troubleshooters work part-time for whatever service group they were assigned to at age 14. But upon mission assignment, they’re working under FCs direct orders!


Troubleshooters are both revered and feared by the general populace, depending which side of the law they find themselves on… In a later section, the secret societies will be discussed in more detail. But troubleshooters find themselves in frequent fights with the likes of PURGE, Commies, anti-tech luddites, and other treasonous terrorists who want nothing more than to see Alpha Complex burned! They are the enemy.


Troubleshooting is a rewarding, if ludicrously dangerous, line of work. The risk of death, dismemberment, and vaporization is high; But there’s almost no other way, short of bald-faced psychopathy (or treasonously good luck) that will get you moving up the clearance ladder faster. Troubleshooter teams have 6 (or more) special Mandatory Bonus Duties for each member of a trouble shooter team, in descending order of importance, listed below.


The Team Leader: Team leader is temporarily considered ORANGE while the team is on duty.  The head honcho, Big Cheese, El Jefe. Personally responsible for the successful completion of the mission objectives.


The Loyalty Officer: Keeps an eye on the rest of their team for signs of disloyalty. Especially attuned to rooting out Commie influences. Personally accountable for the loyalty of all team members.


The Hygiene Officer: Personally accountable for the cleanliness of his fellow teammates and his surroundings for the sake of maintaining morale. A clean team is a happy and loyal team!


Comms. & Records Officer: Carries a special bodycam to record the entire mission for the public record. Responsible for maintaining constant contact with Friend Computer and Troubleshooter command to report all anomalies. As well as handling the reams and reams of paperwork generated by a mission.


Happiness Officer: Maintains a healthy state of happiness and enthusiasm among the mission team. Has a plethora of jokes, games, and drugs at their disposal to maintain stable moods. Happiness is Mandatory.


Equipment Guy: In charge of all bots, weapons, vehicles, and other sundry equipment assigned to the team. Is personally accountable for all computer property assigned for the teams use.


There are other MBDs for bigger, or more specialised squads, but we’ll stick with a

general-purpose team for now.



Within such a closed society as Alpha Complex, interest groups form among the citizens, even those of high standing find themselves caught up in the mess. Some societies exist for benign purposes and are semi-official, others are treasonous enemies of the state.


Below you will find those societies known to exist publicly, graded (Class A, B, Or C. Based on their threat.)


Class A are semi-official and mostly benign groups, ULTRAVIOLET members protect them.
Class B are groups which exist in a grey area, or aren’t always treasonous.

Class C are existential threats to the complex and its citizens. They are traitors, categorically.


Anti-Mutant: Class B : Once existed legitimately, before FC instituted Mutant registration. Is now a semi-outlaw group, which as its name suggests, DESPISES all mutants. Mutations have been known in the complex for centuries. FC has only recently seen fit to allow mutants a legal status. At best, they’re a hate lobbying group. At worst, they’re executing mutants in the street.


Computer Phreaks: Class C : Despite their class C ranking, the Phreaks generally get up to small-time mischief. These are your hackers, crackers, scripters, and power-users. Low-clearance citizens interested in the treasonous (below YELLOW) activity of programming the computer. Skilled phreaks, however, can bring entire sectors to their knees.


Communists: Class C : The archenemy of Alpha Complex. They’re constantly invading and sabotaging things from within and without. For reasons that defy all (non-treasonous) logic. IntSec reports that contrary to public record, most commie cells busted up in stings have seemingly only existed for [CLASSIFIED: ULTRAVIOLET] years…


Corpore Metal: Class B: These chappies are pro-tech on steroids. They believe in becoming one with technology. At best, they’re harmless cybernetics enthusiasts. At their worst, they’re terrorists “freeing” bots from their “slavery”.


Death Leopard: Class A : A gaggle of thrill-seekers and glory-hounds. They’re constantly trying to outdo one-another in the realm of extreme stunts and wacky pranks. At their best, a bunch of annoying pranksters. At their worst, they’re tearing up a major shopping sub-sector in souped up autocars.


FCCC-P: Class A : The First Church of Christ, Computer Programmer. They’re a church formed long ago by citizens who venerate Friend Computer as god. The Church is a society, not at all secret. They’re nearly as legitimate an institution as the service groups. They run services every sevenday, and perform charitable work around the complex. There is no downside, citizen. Don’t try to find one.


Frankenstein Destroyers: Class C: These nutjobs want nothing, and I mean NOTHING to do with bots. They routinely destroy computer property in their misguided quest to rid the complex of all bot labor.


Free Enterprise: Class A: This society exists solely to supply demands they see left unsupplied by Friend Computer. Now you might say that’s treason, but we disagree. Why don’t you come take a ride…? You can get almost anything from FreEnt by knowing the right people to give the right credits.


Humanists: Class C: Humanists think The Computer should rule alpha complex as a utopia for all humankind, something has gone wrong! Or so they say. In reality, everything is fine, citizen! Humans are fallible! These loonies are terroristic, and highly dangerous.


Illuminati: A mirage… [ENTRY DELETED]


Mystics: Class B : Expand your mind, man! The mystics are all about, like, getting to that special place and just harmonizing with the great beyond, yanno? Like, chyabrah. Known source of most illicit substance trafficking in Alpha Complex.


Pro Tech : Class B : Started off innocently enough as a way to get citizens into new computer technology. At best, a techie enthusiast user-group. At worst, enthusiasts digging into technology treasonously above their pay grade.


Psion : Class C : Mutants are the future, and you flatgenes are getting in our way! We’ll win out one way or the other, though. Us muties gotta stick together to survive! To be considered armed and dangerous. These mutants mean business.


PURGE: Class C : Death to The Computer and all who support The Computer! Whatever destiny humanity has, it’s NOT under the rule of this computer! Armed, dangerous terrorists who constantly work to kill and burn all that the citizens hold dear.


Romantics: Class A : High Culturalists. These citizens engage in the petty treason of studying the old-reckoning (Pre Alpha Complex Times). They enjoy music, art, and poetry. They frequently meet to recreate pastimes such as based-ball, and IceSockey.


Sierra Club:  Class A: Outdoorsmen. These citizens have a romantic infatuation with the highly dangerous and unpredictable outdoor sector. A terrifying place, to be sure. They’re mad men!


DEBRIEFING ROOM # 1.41421356237

And that about wraps it up. Troubleshooters are Friend Computers immune system against the disease of treason. They’re constantly rooting out treason in the complex, and there’s a surprising amount of treason to uproot! Next time we’ll dive deeper into the general life of the complex, as well as start delving into how to make your very own citizen of Alpha Complex!

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