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Overcooked: A recipe for my favorite game of all time.

Overcooked 2 comes out tomorrow, Aug 7, and in preparation of it here is why Overcooked became my favorite game of all time.

Growing up, my brothers played games all the time. They would introduce me to a game and try to get me to play consistently, but I was never hooked. Then I married a guy that was big into gaming. He has more consoles than my family ever did. The pattern continued—my husband would introduce me to a game and try to get me interested, but I always got bored after playing for a few hours (at most).

All of that changed when we started playing Overcooked.

It was the perfect mashup—cooking (my hobby) with video games (his hobby). Together we learned to conquer the perils of lava and space, ice and making pizza in the dark.

After streaming for several hours the first time, I found myself looking forward to playing again. What’s this? It’s a feeling I’d never experienced: I had a desire to play a video game! What makes Overcooked different from every other game I’ve tried? What is so alluring about this seemingly simple game?

I think one aspect is the speed. I like fast-moving games that you get rewarded for quickly. Contrast this with Horizon Zero Dawn; a game I started playing, but it doesn’t capture my interest as much as Overcooked. Rewards in RPG games aren’t as thrilling—they aren’t a visible grade. You don’t get closure until you finish the RPG game. Whereas when I play Overcooked, I finish a level and get immediately rewarded. 3 stars.

Another thing I like about Overcooked is the graphics. We tried playing Prince of Persia several months ago, but I lost interest because I hated the graphics. Overcooked has adorable characters you unlock with progress—another quick reward.

A final aspect that goes without saying: it’s more fun to play when you’re collaborating. Whether it’s with viewers or a group playing with you, I’d recommend this game to anyone. I’m glad I got to play Overcooked with my husband, our friends, and AMAZINGLY supportive viewers!

Nothing is worse than starting a TV series only to get hooked and find out the next season won’t be out for years. (I’m talking about you, BBC’s Sherlock.) I was elated to find out Overcooked 2 is coming out in less than a week!  Stay tuned for our stream of Overcooked 2!

Written by Emily from Game Loving Lovers

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  2. You should try Order Up!, that’s available on many platformers nowadays. Although it’s a single player game, it’s one of my favorite cooking games – in this case, you actually have to cook it – and got me started on real cooking, which is also my hobby. Anyways, good article, I’m glad you got hooked by such fun game.

    Flavio on September 27 | Reply