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Meet Our Team!

Welcome to Gamer Nation News, a site by gamers for gamers!  If you’re reading this then you may be curious about the point of this whole thing.  Why are we investing time and effort into this site? What’s the purpose of Gamer Nation News when there are other alternatives to getting your gaming news?  We’re glad you asked because we’ll tell you why! It’s easily broken down into two major points: Who are we and what do we do?


Who are we?

In addition to our incredible streamer writers, we have a productive team of worker bees in the background ensuring reliable site quality.  Sitting quietly behind the scenes are PointedOak, Link2o1o, and Ultrablunt. Three experts in web development, backend coding, and search engine optimization (SEO).  For a more information feel free to check out The Workers section to see what mischief each of us is up to.


What do we do?

Gamer Nation News is the juxtaposition of streaming services and game reviewing.  We all know that even major recent game titles, in spite of months of hype, are susceptible to release flops.  We feel your pain, and we agree that there should be an easier way to determine whether a game is truly worth the cost of your hard-earned money.  Currently, there are other sites out there offering same-day reviews upon release, but why read the review when you can see it too? We seek to expand the gaming community’s horizons by assembling a team of relatable streamers. Our streamers and writers will give you the information you want to hear, rather than regurgitating the same hasty and ambiguous info you would otherwise hear from neighbor Joe, who probably doesn’t even have a working console.

Our primary goal is to connect streamers with more viewers, while also providing a platform where everyday gamers can review their favorite games and DLC, ensuring that your precious time and money aren’t wasted on shallow, one-trick-pony titles.

Whether you’re a rising streamer with an itch for writing reviews, or a casual gamer with a desire to help a fellow nerd, we encourage you to visit Join Our Team and send us a sample of your writing.


As always, we look forward to hearing from everyone as we embark on this epic adventure that is Gamer Nation News!


Happy streaming, and best wishes!