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Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3: Marvel’s Newest Rendition of the Infinity Stones

After Nearly a decade, Marvel adds another title to its Ultimate Alliance series. This time published by Nintendo for the Switch. And following closely on the trail of the infinity wars movies, this game also touches up on infinity stones (hey if you didn’t realize this when Magneto held the power stone in the previews I don’t know what to tell you).

This game brings back the classic 4 hero concept that was placed in so many marvel titles (including the ultimate alliance series). The team of heroes can consist as 4 of any of over 30 heroes (including DLC characters that will be released over the course of the year). SPOILER*  Characters such as Miles Morales(MM) Spiderman, and Spider Gwen (Ghost spider) as well as Ms Marvel make their first appearance on the ultimate alliance series. Deadpool makes an appearance as well with his signature “Taco Tuesday” hilarity. And of course Marvel’s “Defenders” make an appearance as well.

These different groups can create certain buff bonuses that will help you get through some of the more difficult levels, such as the combination of MM Spiderman, Ghost Spider and Ms Marvel will give a Generations buff that will increase a certain stat, just as the original avengers will give a separate buff. This somewhat encourages the users to set up teams based on certain teams. However, each character has other buffs that can be mixed and matched so you can build teams such as : Venom, Draxx, Hulk and Thor and get the “heavy hitters” buff improving the damage that you deal with those characters.

Systems aside, Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 has some nifty features.The online mode with random players, although fun, is a bit stunted by the inability to communicate directly through the Switch (rather than having to use the app). The camera angle at times can be terrible, but for the most part tries to follow the player at a certain distance. In multiplayer, however, the camera tends to get more of a centered layout and will at times zoom out way too much to distinguish if you are in tablet mode. With a big enough screen this can be rectified, though for a system that has a primary selling point of being portable it becomes a bit of a problem.

Sounds are pretty awesome, and voice acting is spot on. They keep characters mostly in character with nifty one liners and sometimes the attitude they most represent, except maybe Draxx, who doesn’t seem nearly as brain dead as his MCU counterpart (not saying I don’t like the character, just stating it as I see it).

Overall I think this game scores a solid 7 out of 10, This game could definitely use a bit of a work up on its camera system, and maybe a modification to its current leveling curve. Or something that divides exp to the characters you aren’t using so that if you choose to switch later on, you aren’t putting a level 6 character with a bunch of level 28s to fight against level 30s. (just an example)