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Marvel’s Spider-man: Silver Lining

One of the biggest exclusives of the year,Spider-Man on PS4, has finally reached its ending with the final part of its post-launch content arc, “The City that Never Sleeps”. The final part to the saga, named “Silver Lining”, is a worthy finale, tying up loose ends and setting up new stories for the sequel.


Following on from the previous entry “Turf Wars”, Captain Yuri Wantanabe has been put on administrative leave after the attempted murder of crime boss Hammerhead, leaving our friendly neighborhood superhero to clean up the mess alone.

After taking out some of Hammerheads crew, now fully pimped out with sable weapons and armour, and saving a few NYPD officers, Spidey corners a crew member with a police hostage. Cue some cheesy one liners and back and forth banter, a ship appears seemingly out of nowhere. Impressed and confused, Spider-man makes a few remarks for then to reveal the pilot of the ship, Silver Sable.

Sable, last seen during the final stages of the main game’s campaign helping Spidey take down Mr. Negative, is understandably pissed off since Hammerhead and his crew have been stealing Sable tech all through the previous chapter. Now she’s back, and wants revenge. Now, Spidey being Spidey, tries to defuse the situation by smart talking and puns which obviously doesn’t work. Cue a fight! Yes that’s right people, we actually take on Sable herself! It’s nothing too extremely difficult. Similar to the Taskmaster fight during the campaign, you can’t just throw punches and expect to win. You’ve got to time it right and use your gadgets to your advantage.

After the fight, and a few main missions introducing the new random crime events, Spidey finds his way onto finding a guy named Tony, one of Hammerheads top guys who knows where the big guy himself is hiding. One laptop hack later, you’re fighting a gang protecting Tony. Obviously you win and start to question Tony as to Hammerhead’s location. Unbeknownst to Peter Parker, however, Sable slipped a tracker onto his suit after the fight and is now intervening in the interrogation and finds out where Hammerhead is. Or so she thinks. She knows it’s a trap, but she doesn’t care. She’s filled by revenge and wants her sh*t back. Spider-man follows, as he would, and now there’s a lengthy wave-after-wave enemy battle.

A few beat downs and gadget filled combos later, they’re gone and Hammerhead is here, bursting through the building roof! This time, he’s no longer human. He’s somehow managed to switch up his whole body for a mecha-like body with the only human part of him left being his head. He leaps onto Sable’s jet and grabs Spidey. After a struggle, he has both Sable and Spidey in his grasp and is about to head butt them when suddenly… in comes Black Cat!

Thought to be deceased by Spider-man due to her apartment exploding at the end of “The Heist”, he is surprised and relieved to find she’s still alive. After apologizing for leading him on a wild goose chase before her apparent death, Black Cat hands him the USB she was after, stating it has information that could help take Hammerhead down. And just like that, she’s gone, presumably biding her time until the sequel! And while all this is going on, Sable has been taken by Hammerhead to an unknown location…

Reviewing the USB, Spidey thinks he has a way to take Hammerhead down. But before he can do that, he must save Sable as he knows he doesn’t stand a chance alone. He heads to Hammerhead’s hideout in hopes of finding Sable. Thankfully she’s there and after a swift rescue and a fight similar to Arkham Knights fights with Batman and Nightwing/Robin minus the switching between the characters, Sable has an idea as to how to take down Hammerhead.

After giving Spidey the signal to meet her at her base, she explains what the plan is. Strap what is basically a laser onto her jet and take out Hammerhead. With her base and location now exposed, he isn’t far behind…

Cue the final fight. Spider beats up Hammerhead, webbing him and attacking his legs, opening up windows to get him still whilst Sable can fire the laser at his head. This has to be done a few times. After about the 5th or 6th time, the laser malfunctions. Sable’s quick thinking leads her to fly the jet right into Hammerhead, finishing him off.

Now that he’s taken care of, Sable can head off back to Symkaria to help her people fight the civil war that’s mentioned quite a lot through this dlc, leaving Spider-man to swing freely, knowing his city is safe once again. Well, until a few years time when the inevitable sequel is released!


There are no major changes to gameplay from that of the main game. No new gadgets, combos etc. However, there are new random events, one of which being a truck defending event in which Spidey must defend a truck door from Hammerhead goons for a bit. Nothing too complicated or extreme, but it’s nice to see a different type of random event included.

Unfortunately, Screwball makes her fourth appearance with more challenges for Spider-man. Fortunately, however, this is her final appearance as Spidey foils her plans yet again and takes her down during her “5,000th follower celebration”.

The demon warehouses formula makes a return in the guise of Hammerhead stashes of stolen humanitarian aid. Nothing new here. Infiltrate a hidden base, stealth a few of the enemies dotted around the area, defeat 6 waves of enemies and then find the aid.

Other than that, no new additions to the gameplay!


My favourite part of the new Spider-man dlc is the set of 3 new suits. Before I get into those, however, Insomniac wished us all a Merry Christmas with a free new suit that fans have been asking for since the announcement of the game practically, the ‘Webbed Suit’ or more clearly, Spidey’s suit from the 2002 film Spider-man. I absolutely love this suit and have spent most of the dlc wearing it. There’s something extremely awesome about swinging around Insomniac’s New York wearing Tobey Maguire’s Spidey suit!

Suit #1 is acquired by completing the first mission of the dlc. The Aaron Aikman suit is pretty funky. More of an armour than a suit really.

Suit #2 is acquired by finishing the Silver Lining dlc. The Cyborg Spider-man suit was definitely a surprise. It’s pretty funky looking but I can’t see myself wearing it an awful lot.

Suit #3, and my personal favourite from the three, is acquired by completing all district events available in the dlc. The Into the Spider-Verse suit is pretty much what you’d expect. The suit that Peter Parker wears in the recently released animated marvel film.


After being disappointed by the length and content of Turf Wars, I was really hoping for a great finale and that’s what I got. I loved every moment of it, from the cut-scenes to Spidey and Sable’s relationship building and of course the new suits, I can safely say it’s a worthwhile finale to a great dlc arc. Now Insomniac, bring me the sequel, I am prepared!

P.S. With Stan Lee’s unfortunate passing between Turf Wars and Silver Lining, Insomniac had a beautiful tribute to the comic legend at the end of the credits seen below. GG insomniac, my respect for you has now increased.