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Maid RPG – First Impressions

I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons for over a year now. Although I don’t consider myself a true veteran, as I have only played 5th edition and perhaps a session of Pathfinder, I’m not exactly a casual. While I do really enjoy playing D&D, I decided to branch out a bit. I’ve branched out before by playing a Brickwall, a homebrew personal version of Brian Jacquez’s Redwall series that used the Fate die system. Maid is similar because players use a d6 for their rolls and they can accumulate Stress. However, I’m not going to talk about game mechanics in this article. I will primarily focus on my initial thoughts of Maid RPG and character creation.

I’d like to start out by saying that my friends and I didn’t automatically pick up the book at our local game shop and say, “hey, this looks like fun. Let’s try it out”. No, the book waited on the shelf for a while until one of us got bored and started flipping through the pages. This all happened at 11pm and around that time, we started to get tired. We just so happened to think that it would be a good idea to start playing and that’s why we’re here.

The game is a “light comedy anime-themed tabletop role-playing game” as advertise by their website. It isn’t meant to be taken seriously. To play you need three or more players.

The Three Ms

Right from the start, I knew this was going to be a role-play heavy game. It’s Maid RPG. We’re all aware what that entails. Well, we might know what that entitles… To clear any misconceptions, they’re three absolute truths in this game or three main Ms. We have the Mansion, the Master (GM), and we have Maids. That’s never going to change.

It doesn’t matter what type of setting it is. The Maids are to serve the Master. The game takes place within the Mansion. I should also say that there is a butler option to play as well but the guys wanted to play as Maids so, we’re all Maids.

Like everyday life, there’s so drama. This drama will depend on the type of scenarios and random events that will occur during the day. The Master might be kidnapped by ninjas and it is your job as a Maid to bring him back. Sounds simple enough, but how do you even play? This question leads to the next section.

Character Creation

For Maid RPG, character creation is really important. Players have to roll for their stats and that includes Maid Types, Special Qualities, Maid Roots, and Maid Power to name a few. All these help you role play the type of Maid you rolled before the start of the game. You’ll need two d6s to play as the game asks you to roll a d66. You basically assign one die as the ten’s place and the other has a one’s place.

The first thing we do is roll for Attributes as these determine how well you can do your job. Roll a d6 and then divide by 3. If your Athletics is really low, there’s no way you can run around the mansion so you have to be creative about how you solve everyday problems.

Players get to roll for their Maid Type which range from being ‘Cool’ to ‘Heroine’. You get to roll twice and you can have the same Maid Type. Each Maid Type both adds and subtracts from the Attributes you rolled earlier. Each one of these Maid Types come with a small description of what they entail as shown in the picture below.

So far, rolling for Special Qualities is my favorite. I ended up with a Maid that has elf ears who is a Hacker. Others have ended up with being a shapeshifter that turns into a snake. Next we have Maid Roots. The name is really clear. This is where you get to decide where you came from or how you got to work at the Mansion. I really like how Maid RPG gives you various options for character creation. My character ended up being an Infiltrator sent by a secret organization to spy on the Master. Others are Childhood Friends, Orphan, or even an Illegitimate Child!


Lastly, I’m going to touch up on a few mechanics for the game, but I’m not going to go too much in detail. To be fair, my friends and I haven’t played through a scenario just yet. We haven’t put the mechanics into practice yet. So, to start, players only need a d6 to play, a standard die. Some rolls call for d66 and some roll may call for a d666. Like before, different colored dice helps with these rolls. I tend to have a lot of d6s because of D&D so, this is not an issue. That goes for everybody else that is going to be playing as Maids.

Typically, for the basic mechanic, players roll a d6 and multiply that by the attribute you’re using. For example, if a player needs to roll Athletics, they roll a d6 and multiply that by whatever number they have under Athletics. The GM sets a difficult number and if the roll exceeds that number, the player is successful. If an attribute is 0, the best option is to have someone help you or think of a creative way to resolve the problem.


Judging from the cover and the content within, Maid RPG is a role play heavy game. Those who are playing should be comfortable with each other to the point where they can get into character. A maid uniform is not required at all. Character creation is rather simple and the book does a good job at explaining everything and even the character sheet is easy to understand. This is a game where you can’t take things seriously and having fun is the goal.

The game requires a lot of creativity and also there’s no real structure. By this I mean that, the GM has a scenario and it is up to the Maids to figure out releveant information. The way they do this all depends on the player. The GM has to have a lot of flexibility with how things might turn out.

With all that being said, I’m looking forward to the first session and seeing how it all works out. If you are interested in Maid RPG, you can find more information about it via their official website. The website has resources for the game. You can buy the pdf or hardcover book from the website as well.