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Kingdom Hearts III : From Hero to Zero and Back Again

If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts, then it’s fairly certain you are well aware of the highly anticipated sequel to this three part series, Kingdom Hearts III. This convoluted storyline has been the base of a immense number of debates on different course of events over the course of 7 previous game titles (including mobile games) and 1 cinematic release covering the prophecies before the keyblade war. However we aren’t going to dive into those, we are going into the heart of Kingdom Hearts III.

This game picks up directly after the KH Dream Drop game, and continues Sora’s story from after his failed test of mastery. Since I really don’t want to spoil the game for anyone I am going to try and not place any details based in the storyline.


The first noticeable thing about this game is that its dubbing is a bit off, the voices are quite a bit different from other entries that I recall, but obviously with 12 years between major releases changes can occur for the characters and the voice actors. If you are happy going to a more traditional Kingdom Hearts style of communication turn down that volume and enjoy the clitter clatter of your fingers on that controller as you hit those buttons for combat and make sure you have your subtitles turned on.


Another great thing about the KH series has always been the Music, Utada Hikaru’s Sanctuary, and Simple and Clean were huge hits, this one, however, doesn’t quite hit the spot in my opinion. It didn’t seem to have the same feel of the other two that made me excited to play the series. The combat music, on the other hand, is traditional as you get into your fights. Of course, each world has its own little theme it plays over and over again.



Controls are nearly identical to other versions of the game as the battle system returns again with some improved mechanics involving rides that you may find in your local theme parks, ranging from water rafting rides, pendulum rides, magical roller coaster trains and so many more. These powerful attacks quickly add to your normal arsenal and make the game much flashier and bright as each one carry an assortment of colors to enthrall you further into the game.

AP System:

Ap system returns as always, where you the player select what abilities you want to prioritize. You can remove the block ability entirely if you want to make things extremely challenging, or you can leave it. Additionally, there is the ZERO EXP ability that will prevent you from leveling up. This, of course, is for those hardcore gamers that want an extreme challenge. Imagine level 1 proud mode playthrough, I don’t even want to try it but sounds impressive.


It’s still fairly early in the game, and there is plenty more to find out. I am sure this game will raise hundreds of more debates to come about the series of events and why they did it. The important thing is that this entry is finally released and we all finally get to dig into this amazing addition to the series. I would rate this game as being one of the most popular releases of 2019, and probably one of the most well made releases this year. If you’re a fan and you haven’t picked it up, I advise go get it.  One last note for everyone, if you haven’t played any of the other KH games, Kingdom Hearts III will tell you enough bits and pieces that it hurts the experience of the other two, so if you have interest in exploring them, I would play them first.