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Killing Floor: Incursion Probably the best VR game to come to PSVR

I’ve been playing Killing Floor since day one of release in 2009. It in my opinion one of the best zombie wave survivor games out there.  It even has a 10/10 rating on steam. In 2016 they released Killing Floor 2 which introduced new perk classes, impressive maps and amazing graphics. When I heard that Tripwire was working on a VR version of the game called Killing Floor Incursion, I just could not wait for it to be released.

Killing Floor Incursion was released on the PC Oculus Rift in November 2017 and was just recently brought to the PlayStation 4 on May 1st. I pre-ordered the game for the PSVR and I was so anxious for the midnight release. I put on my head gear, calibrated my PSVR and launched the game. As soon as the game launches it asks if you are sitting down or standing up. I haven’t seen a game on the VR ask that before. The 2nd thing it asks is to touch the center of the target to calibrate, which I thought was awesome even though I had just done it manually through the PlayStation. After a few minutes in and I am in the tutorial and the graphics looked great.


The first level alone is a terrifying experience that scared me in a way that I haven’t felt since the early days of my horror game career.

Navigating the small farm house and the surrounding camps as I searched out viral fragments of a puzzle while shooting zeds to advance in the story was terrifying in its own unique way. The light from my tiny flashlight never seemed like enough to cover every angle I needed to watch, and enemies had a disturbing ability to appear in areas I thought were clear. Which is a splendid example of using enemy spawns to add to the overall tension and unease of the player’s experience. Shooting feels smooth and easy to do, and as a result you can usually kill reflexively, but the tension and audio engineering keep you constantly on edge no matter how good you are at splattering Zed brains all over the walls.

This was especially tense and stressful as I struggled to master the controls, which when combined with the highly restrictive movement system dropped a huge stone in my gut the way only a quality horror title can. This element of the tension lightened up as I got better at managing my inventory, ammo, and the melee weapons I had on hand, but it was a level of fear that normally makes me pause a horror game to go flick on the lights to remind myself there’s still light in the world. With VR, there are no lights to flick on, you’re there until you either rip off the headset or finish the level.

Fun fact, this is the first time in my VR career that I almost broke a controller by slamming it on the floor, all because I was trying to punch a Crawler to death after dropping my weapons for the 12thtime that night. There’s a wacky Borderlands 2 style sense of humor throughout the whole experience that comes as a welcome relief to the tenser moments of the game. you can rip a Zed’s arms off and beat it to death with your handy new appendages, which is something that’s always fun in VR.

Over all it was a wonderful experience playing one of my favorite game on the VR, and I can only hope that more of my favorite titles release them on VR to have the full immersive experience of being inside the actual game. If you enjoy Killing Floor then I highly recommend getting Killing Floor Incursion. (You will need to buy the VR packages to be able to play it of course.)