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Is Minecraft 19w02a Going to be Another Great Snapshot?

Well you’re in luck! We are going to be answering that question right now! On Jan 10th, 19w02a was released, giving two of the nine new blocks functionality, the lectern and the cartography table.

Wait… We all know of the new crafting blocks, I mean come on! They are the big talk of 1.14! (After the new villages of course.)

So we have been expecting this snapshot for a while now, and in fact, it almost seemed like it was not coming, just like the Super Duper Graphics Pack for Xbox One back in 2017, which is STILL not here. I mean it’s freaking 2019! The snapshot arrived (thankfully) bringing multiple things like:

  • Campfires
  • Bugs (As expected)
  • 2 more blocks with functions
  • And more!

Cartography Table

First we are going to take a look at the cartography table, which is made with two planks and two paper in a 2×2 grid. I mean seriously, I myself, a Minecraft expert did not know you could do this kind of stuff! Map expanding? You really outdid yourself AGAIN Mojang!

It can be used for:

  • Enlarging the map area
  • Duplicating maps using an empty map
  • Locking maps by popping in a glass pane (Therefore making it uneditable like a written book)


One of the other new additions was the functionality of the lectern. The lectern can be used for multiple things, for example: two players reading the same book at the same time, or being able to be used in redstone creations, etc.! You can hook up a comparator to the lectern to track the progress of someone reading a book. And to explain how it works: if your book has 100 pages, every 10 pages flipped will provide +1 redstone power. That’s neat! Want to have a jump-scare in your horror map after, or while, they read the book? You have it!

Its uses include:

*Allowing two players to read the same written book at the same time

*Emitting redstone signals when a page is flipped

*Looking GREAT in builds (Including library builds)

*Trolling your friends by going invisible and flipping the pages over to the right/left again and again >:)


So the campfires are nice, realistic, and even… functional?? Yes! This block can be used to damage, even kill other players, making it sort of useful in traps and adventure maps. Another thing about the “Nice” is the smoke! Yes, you heard… er… read me right! Smoke! When placing a campfire, it will begin to emit smoke, just like torches just a boatload more. (Smoke cannot pass through solid blocks.)

Speaking of “just like torches,” campfires wont go out in rain. You might think that is against the “realistic” part, but if you place them underwater, they will go out instantly. Same with pouring a bucket of water on them. (The water just goes everywhere.) They can also be re-lit using a flint & steel. Seems realistic to me!

And  “hay,”  wait! You might think that smoke going up 10 blocks is too little? Well Mojang has got you covered. Putting a hay bale under the campfire will cause the smoke to rise an additional 14 blocks! (Will rise to 24 blocks for math haters.) You can even make a little smoke signal to your friends using this!


  • Emits smoke particles and light
  • Can be extinguished if it makes contact with water
  • Damages you like a magma block/cactus
  • Will not set you on fire
  • Cooks 4 pieces of food in 30 seconds which then will pop off the campfire, like you just punched an item out of an item frame
  • Will deal no damage to players sneaking on top of it, just like magma blocks
  • Can be harvested using an axe (Silk Touch can be used to get the whole campfire back, not just coal.)


AND WE NOW KNOW HOW THE SNAPSHOT NUMBERS/LETTERS WORK! 1st 2 numbers are the year it came out (19). Then the next letter and two numbers are the week of the year (w02). Finally, the last letter is the month it came out on (a = 1/Jan  b = 2/Feb etc…).

Anyway, that’s all! So overall: the cartography table makes almost no sense, campfires are not as bright as torches, (Whaaaaaaaaaaaa…?) and no new villages in this snapshot I’m afraid. 🙁