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Is Christopher Robin Worth Watching?

Christopher Robin is a newest story in the long line of Winnie the Pooh Stories. This heart filled movie follows an old Christopher Robin who is no longer the same kid we remember from the original shows/books. He has had a wife and daughter, fought in World War II, and now is a businessman. When his family gets mad at him being a workaholic Pooh shows up in need of him for the first time in 20 years.

First, if you grew up watching/reading Winnie the Pooh you are probably going to like this movie a lot. It a new story with our old favorites returning. It is a great family movie for adults and kids a like. It also does a marvelous job at staying true to the source material as well as expand on it.

There is only a few negatives in this movie that I will get out of the way first. The first is Tigger. The character is portrayed very well and even by the original voice actor, but his look is different than the books/show and it was a little distracting to me.  And most of the characters except for Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh are shafted to the side for most of the movie. To be fair it makes sense for the story but I feel like they should have been in it a little more than they were.

Onto the positives. The CGI for all the animals is really good. They look like stuffed animals walking around (except for Owl and Roo which is a bit strange) and its done incredibly well. The detail put into the movie is astonishing. For example, the way the walk and interact in the Hundred Acre Woods is accurate to the map they would have in the back of some of the books, every single character was true to how they were supposed to be.

The actors are all great too. Ewan McGregor continues to show how amazing of an actor he is, playing Christopher Robin. Jim Cummings returns as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger which is just as good as it was when you were a kid. My favorite casting ever was Brad Garret (The brother from Everyone loves Raymond) as Eeyore whose voice feels like it was made to play the character. Marvel fans will recognize Hayley Atwell as Evelyn (Christopher’s Wife) who does good for the short time in the movie.

Overall if you have ever been a fan of Winnie the Pooh the odds of your liking this movie is incredibly high. It resembles Hook in the way it treats the originals and if you are all attached to the characters you will probably get emotional at parts. It’s a very well-done reboot/sequel that makes me less nervous about other animated Disney movies getting the live action treatment. Part of me hopes we get to see this story in the way of Christopher’s daughter but at the same time this movie is done well enough I wouldn’t want them to mess it up with sequels. It’s worth the price of admission!