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Happy birthday, 100th Captain America!

This past 4th of July we celebrated our national independence. But did you know another party was happening at Marvel? Fandom celebrated Steve Rogers’ 100th Birthday. This holiday marks Caption America’s birthday, at least in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. We know Caps birthday is on the Fourth of July however the year maybe in dispute.

In a scene from the original Captain America (2011 “Captain America: The First Avenger”), we get a glimpse at his birthday. This information flashes briefly during the scene when Steve Rogers attempts to join the armed forces and his Certificate of Acceptability from the Department of Selective Service clearly shows his birthday…July 4, 1918.

According to an article on ScreenRant comic lore lists the mighty hero’s birthday as July 4, 1917. See “The Adventures of Captain America #1”. A year difference but still the most American of days.

This date makes comic Cap 101 years old…so no matter the date he’s up there in age. The time has been incorrectly cited and propagated as July 4, 1920, because that date is stated on the Wikipedia page.

We can also celebrate 77 action-packed years since he made his debut in Captain America #1. As well as seven years of the Avenger of the big screen.

Happy birthday, Captain!

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Twitter Message from Chris Evens

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