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God of War, A Work of Art Blessed By the Gods

Let’s get to the nitty gritty, and talk about the basics of this game. The controls are rather simple, press a direction and x and your character will dodge in that direction. It’s a small dodge but those small dodges work wonders. Your R1, and R2 are your attack buttons, whether you’re using your trusty axe Leviathan, or your fists in the good old spartan style. The L1 is used for blocking and L2 is used for throwing your trusty axe. Triangle is used for retrieving the axe after it is thrown. Those are the basics for controls.

When I first spotted previews for the game my immediate thought was ‘oh no, I’m going to have to babysit this kid character the entire time. How dreadful!’. Well, yes you do end up having to do that in the God of War newest installment, however the child in the game does not have a life bar. He is not a character that needs your help in combat. The child was used quite well in introducing different aspects of the game and pushing the storyline forward. He is also a great help in terms of battle, but I won’t get too into that since I don’t want to spoil the game for you.

Of course the spartan rage returns in this game, and you are introduced to it in an intense battle against another powered being. Let me say that this fight, was the most fun fight I have had in a game in a very long time. Timing is key, and once completed I left that area with a completely satisfied feeling. I am definitely impressed and very much satisfied with this purchase so far.

Does the game have flaws? Well yes, of course it does. Every game does, but this one has few and far between. You could tell the designers went through plenty of trouble to make this game a graphical beauty with a compelling story. If you enjoy games that give you a challenge, and are a big fan of the God of War series, I would say you should definitely pick this title up and add it to your collection. It has earned its place in the 2018 game of the year awards (whether it makes it or not).

This review by no means is a complete review as I have not finished the game yet, however, I can tell that I am barely scratching the surface and I have already pumped well over 5 hours into this game. There are so many hidden secrets, collectibles, and other objects in this game, and getting them all will take quite a bit of time.