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Frostpunk: A game with an ‘icy’ moral footing

I must say, I’ve played some good games, but Frostpunk is an amazing game, one that really makes you think.  And the gameplay has very intriguing elements, like laws and such, The first mission was very difficult the first time through.  But I came out with a key that has made each other time 10 times easier.  Again, before I get more into this game.   I’ve got to say; I love the game I want more content then it has, but there are times when I’ve hated it.  Really hated it.

The first mission, and perhaps your most difficult

When I first picked up Frostpunk, I started that mission and thought “Okay, lets figure this out.  Take it slow.”  Then after day one and I had only harvested meager amounts of wood, steel, and coal.  I was like “Oops, I messed up.  Lemme restart.”  Only to exit the mission and see that Frostpunk has a save lock feature, no restart.  The game does allow you to save, if you use it.  But again, first playthrough…  So, I jumped back in and eventually killed my micro society.

I mentioned laws, but for me I really tried to avoid them, as I personally didn’t like the options.  Which did make things much more difficult for me.  Though I played the events well, perhaps too well.  Especially for my first two times through.  It actually wasn’t until my latest attempt that I realized that some events do have unseen consequences.  Where they might, help in the short term.  But it negatively impacts you at the end of the game.

Which leads me to my second attempt.  Which I got to the end with, but not nearly as well as I’d have liked.  Luckily, I managed to get far enough before failing in the first attempt to get some spoilers.  (Don’t worry I won’t ruin it.)  So on the second try I could prepare better.  I still struggled and I still finished with only 300 people of about 700 possible, a good finish… If you’re okay with 60% casualties.  And I resolved to come back and beat it for sure.  But first I wanted to try the other two scenarios.

The arks, for seeds not people…

This one was super easy for me.  See, Frostpunk has these automatons, big four-legged metal monstrosities.  And well, you don’t have very many people.  So, you have to use these automatons to run all your mines and stuff.  This is where I set out to make these guys the best ‘little’ robots I could manage.   Once I started popping more out, I was like sweet, easy, done.  Then again, another plot twist, that I’ll let you find out for yourself, and yet another scenario done.

People, so many… People!

This one is called “The refugees”, and for a good reason.  Now, when I say I hate this game… I really just hate this mission.  It took me three times to make it to the end.  And even then, I didn’t feel like I won…  This scenario puts you to the limits of Frostpunk, you must have a concrete plan for housing, food, and production.  Because you have to pick one and you won’t have enough for all three.  Unless you sacrifice everything, and I like when Frostpunk can’t say I’ve done anything wrong, because it does at the end of every game.  No matter what, unless you are exiled, but it still kinda does even then.

Finally, the win.

Then just an hour or so ago, as of writing this, I did it.  I won, with all the issues Frostpunk throws at you for the first mission I planned and prepared everything.  I knew what would come and when it would.  I pushed my gameplay to the max and did it.  I beat it.  That glorious win.  As winter bore down on me relentlessly, I was like. Yes, I got it.  Easy!  Even then I only saved 675 people.  But comparatively, heck yeah.  And only one amputee…  Which is the worst thing I got marked for.  So yeah, I say success!  Frostpunk is a truly amazing game.

675 People, the real win

The real win