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Fortnite Season 4: What You Need to Know!

If you are reading this article, you know the time has come! The long awaited meteor has fallen from the sky and turned Dusty Depot into a Dusty Divot. If you want the full list of changes for season four you can check the patch notes at This article is going to serve as a condensed version of what the average player needs to know.

Map changes

That’s right, Dusty Divot is not the only change to the map this season! We’ll start by talking about the obvious, Dusty Depot has been hit by a meteor and turned into Dusty Divot. One of the warehouses has been destroyed and there is a huge crater where it once stood. Some type of government agency appears to have built a base in the center of the crater. It actually reminds me of the base Shield built around Thor’s hammer in the first Thor movie. This crater is littered with glowing rocks called “hop rocks.” If a player uses one of these rocks, they begin glowing a blue-white color and gain the ability to jump higher and faster. Aside from that, a few secret bases have popped up on the map to keep with this season’s super hero theme. So far I have seen a super-villain base with crazy looking missiles and a very large mansion with hidden levels. Smaller changes to the map include a movie theater, a dance floor, and underground bunkers.


Aside from the map changes, the new season also brings cosmetic and quality of life changes. Season four comes with seven new character skins, three new gliders, two new axes, and a myriad of emotes, stickers, and art work. Season four has also introduced the spray ability. You can now unlock different “sprays” and use them to spray paint walls in the map. I found this to be a neat little addition to the game. While it is not practical, it is still pretty fun to paint a wall to let people know you were there.

Patch Notes Overview

Now that we’ve discussed the aesthetic changes, let’s talk technical changes. When it comes to combat, headshots are now prioritized when other body parts are in the way. For instance, if I were to shoot a player through their arm and hit their head, it would count as a head shot instead of an arm shot. Also, knocking a player off of the island now awards elimination credit much like normal fall damage. The bug that caused the destroying a building from underneath an enemy to not award the player elimination credit has also been fixed.

This season also contains some changes to weaponry. Most notably, the crossbow has been removed from the game. It will not be missed by this player, that’s for sure. For you snipers out there, hit markers will now show when you are looking through a scope. Pickaxe damage has also been increased, but only against supply lamas. It now does 50 damage each hit. There were also a few important weapon bugs fixed this season. The issue where hunting rifles wouldn’t reload automatically when fired immediately after reloading has been fixed. I know this caused my death at least once in the past. There was also a bug that allowed grenades to be thrown rapidly while sprinting. This has been fixed, grenades are thrown normally while sprinting.

Finally, this season has seen a few upgrades to the user interface that you should be aware of. Firstly, you can now mark cosmetic items as favorites in your Locker. A ‘Random’ option has also been added to each of your cosmetic slots. If you are the type of person that has multiple outfits and simply can’t decide what to wear, you can now select the ‘Random’ option and have a randomly generated appearance for each map. Remember how you were limited to six slots on your emote wheel? Not anymore! With the addition of sprays, players can now use any of the emotes or sprays that they currently own in a match. For a complete list of season four changes, you can check the patch notes located here:

The new season is finally here and it has brought many changes with it. While I mourn the loss of my favorite drop point, Dusty Depot, I am very happy with the changes made by Epic Games. They have managed to spice up a game that was already great. I look forward to seeing how these changes play out in the long run. I also can’t wait to get my hands on that Omega skin!