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Forsaken Shores is Here!

Rare release forsaken shores, Sea of Thieves third and latest free DLC, meant to be released on the 19th of September but was pushed back to the 27th September due to issues in the last Update, Cursed Sails, such as Floating ships and the “unfortunate spyglass incident”, the team wanted to ensure this launch went as smoothly as possible, Joe Neate, executive producer of Sea of Thieves posted an update saying that they “ are currently nearing the end of our polish and bug fixing phase, and our goal is to ensure we deliver as stable, polished and bug-free experience to all our players.”, and they have achieved that, with a few server problems at first that were quickly amended.

The Devils Roar

The largest addition in this update is a whole new area for pirates to explore, the treachery of ‘The Devils Roar’ in the eastern region of the map, the most dangerous and perilous area on the map to date, featuring dark sky’s and perilous volcanic islands that periodically shake and shoot molten fireballs that will ire any pirate ship that dares get within distance, with molten boiling water surrounding the fire-spitting isles and burning geysers, it makes for a very perilous journey for the brave pirates that attempt this journey, but your bravery will be rewarded greatly, for the treasure on these islands are untold glory and riches.

Row, Row, Row your boat

As ‘The Devils Roar’ and its numerous Death dealing volcanic isles will decimate any pirate ship that goes near, and boil any pirate that dare swim close enough, the most welcomed addition of a rowboat is a great way to get onto those fire spitting death islands and reap their rewards. These rowboats aren’t always easy to find but can be located drifting near some islands and once acquired – and working out how to steer and row which is harder than you’d think – you can attach it to the Bow of your ship for further use, which is really neat.

Added Danger.

In the first weeks of the update, so week 1 & 2, you’ll be able to discover and explore The Devils Roar, taking on risky voyages that reward pirates more for facing the added peril of this tumultuous region, while your perfecting your rowboat skills and trying not to be turned to ash by molten larva. Week 3 of the update will bring new high stakes trade missions, bringing trade to the furthest reaches of the Sea of Thieves with an all-new voyage type: Cargo runs. The merchant alliance will pay well – if you can keep their delicate cargo in top condition.

The Perilous Cargo Runs.

The introduction of the Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores week 3 merchant quest type, called Cargo Runs will have players transporting important cargo from one place to another and to do it safely. Broken rum bottles, wet clothes, and dead plants are all a sign of a journey gone bad. Taking good care of the cargo is all part of the risky quest to please the merchant alliance and get their goods to the destination unscathed. These items that require your care and attention and all times are bottles of rum, expensive cloth, and rare plants, and all can be damaged on your journey making for a lower reward, for instance, Bottles of rum are a very delicate item, and if they are damaged in transit, say by a well-aimed cannonball or general battle, they won’t net you as much on delivery. The same goes for the expensive cloth which mustn’t get wet – so avoid rain and leaks – on the flip side, plants which well, of course, require a good watering. All of these items can, of course, be deliberately tamped with to thwart the merchant’s deliveries, because that’s what pirates do right?


Fancy a fight? Or just to meet some crazy pirates? The New Reaper’s Mark Flag which, rather brilliantly, highlights your ships position on everyone’s map. You can use this to summon boats to your position or find other boats to form an alliance, but it’s more likely for those pirates who want to brawl and fight. Other DLC features include a range of new foods to help get your health up, and some Skeleton Lords to find and fight.

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