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Far Cry 5 final DLC – Dead Living Zombies.

New scenarios, Weapons, and Zombies!


After fighting Viet Cong and Battling arachnids on Mars, Ubisoft announced today the final Far Cry 5 DLC, Dead Living Zombies will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on Mid August 2018.


Far Cry 5 fans will have had the chance to get in on the Far Cry 5 DLC season package when the game was released back in March 2018.  Offering lots of extra content such as Consumables, and even a copy of Far cry 5: Classic on the release day and more to come in the future with the DLC season pass. If you brought the Gold edition or the Father Edition of the game, you will have received all of the above content for free with the game, which is always a bonus when you buy the special edition of a game. For those of us that weren’t that smart and bought the standard edition we can purchase all the extra content in store or buy the stand-alone DLC seasons for a one-off price.

Dead Living Zombies

In this final DLC, Dead Living Zombies, B-Movie director Guy Marvel, who makes an appearance in the Hope County Story. He is destined to be the next big thing, just ask him. Join him in 7 hilarious scenarios to take on hordes and hordes of the undead. Being the most anticipated DLC season of the package by fans, it was originally billed as the first DLC season of Far cry 5. In a news post on the 24th of May 2018, it was revealed that Dead Living Zombies had been pushed to an August release and Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars pushed up. It has been a 3 month wait but finally Far Cry 5 fans can join auteur, Guy Marvel, in his cinematic escapades, pitting players against hordes of the Undead.


Far cry 5 players will have already had the chance to play the first two DLC’s seasons which were released in June and July.

Hours Of Darkness, which was released on the 5th of June 2018, where players follow Wendall Renner, a Veteran soldier who fought in the Vietnam war, as he recounts his time during that war. In this DLC, players try to rescue squad mates and evacuate the area safely using a mixture between stealth and survival instincts.

Lost on Mars, which was released the following month in July 2018, follows Nick Rye, also another character from the Hope County storyline, as he finds himself stranded on Mars. This is a pretty impressive place to find yourself lost, and players have to help stop an arachnid invasion on planet Mars and then journey on back to the safety of Earth.

Back in November 2014 when Far Cry 4 was released. Players then had to wait a couple of months for the first DLC – Escape from Durgesh Prison – released in January 2015. This was followed by the other two DLC’s over the next two months. It looks like Far Cry 5 has stuck to this trusty release method for their latest DLC’s as we see the exact same method happen for the Far Cry 5 DLC seasons pass.

Whats Next?

I am afraid to say that Dead Living Zombies will be the last DLC season we will see from Far Cry 5. You don’t have to start worrying about when the next Far Cry game will be out just yet as Far Cry 5 haven’t stopped just yet with new content and updates coming in the future. There will be a whole load of fresh content being added to the Far Cry Arcade mode with new solo missions, more maps, and all the content created by players within Arcade mode. This will offers an endless amount of Far Cry fun for all their fans.

Not to forget the release of photo mode in an update last month in July, which allows the players to adjust the field of view, time of day, lots of filters and the ability to change your characters facial expressions, all in single-player and Far Cry 5 Arcade maps.

Interested in the season pass, go check it out –