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‘Family Guy’ Season 17 Premiere Brian to Get Married

Who’s a good dog? Who’s’ a good dog? It looks like our pal Brain is.
Rich Appel, the show co-runner revealed to Deadline last week that our favorite talking dog will get married in the season 17 premiere of the show. With the start of this season Family Guy is now the third longest-running show, behind The Simpsons and South Park.

In the interview, Appel revealed that Brian’s wedding would be in two parts. “So that’s something — instead of killing off a character, we’re bringing on a character, and we’ll see what happens with that.”

Let’s not forget Brain came close to getting married finding love in India. Hopefully, this will turn out better and longer lasting.

In the same interview, Appel also said there would be a farewell episode dedicated to the late Adam West. West, who died in June 2017. He was the hilarious voice of the mayor of Quahog.

When Alec Sulkin (co-runner) was asked about Brian’s “death” in 2013, and if fans can expect another heart-wrenching moment in the new season he answered…”I would say that that’s always a possibility, Sulking stated. “I don’t think that we have any immediate plans to kill off any of our main characters, but with our show, you never know. That’s why people went so nuts over the Brian thing because it felt very real like it could happen. Of course, we got it all back.”

The start date for the 17th season should begin September 30th. So until then we wait anxiously for all things Griffin family.



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