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Dusk to Dawn: A Trip to Hell

Dusk is an interesting game to say the least. It is fast paced and action packed, except when you get lost. The scenery heralds back to classic shooters and crap computers. The artistic choice is both nostalgic and new, 1080p has pixels still.

Demons and Farm Animals

Dusk is set in a demonic setting that is both familiar and foreign. At first you are on the farm, then going through industrial complexes. You then return back to the farm, which is even creepier than before. In all honesty, it seems like a mix of Quake and Doom with farm themes. And the infighting is a mechanic that you can use just like Doom.

Saying farm animals might not be all the accurate. There are demonic deer and cultists, look out for the chainsaw dudes. There are other enemies hailing from the farms like scarecrows, too. You have enemies that shoot projectiles at you or try to attack you with melee.

Speed and Caution

Speed is a constant in Dusk. I was asked on stream if the speed I was going was the standard normal speed. The normal speed resembles running in most modern games. If you aren’t careful, you can end of getting hit, too. I found by almost doing it myself, you go faster than the cultist fireballs, so it is quite possible to dodge a ball and then back into it.

Corners are a big thing to watch out for, you never know what is around them. There are a number of traps, too, so watching your step is a very recommended idea. Sometimes, traps are put at the end of a level, right before the exit, you don’t expect those last enemies that are going to shoot things at you.

Retro Display, Filters and Game Modes

Color filter options are plentiful, whether you want it vibrant or Sepia. There are black and white options or completely dankly dark options. They have a special slider for pixelization. You can go with the HD, but by default they give you slightly pixelated to give it that retro feel. You can even get dusk to go to what they call 1984 pixelization, It also seems to affect how fast the game runs, so low spec computers may run better under a high pixelization setting.

So, the single player sides only has a couple game mode, but they will provide you with plenty of game time. The main mode is the campaign, where you play through the story. The other one is endless, you fight through waves of enemies and survive as long as possible.

My personal strategy after getting far enough in endless mode is to farm ammo drops before taking out the last enemy of the wave. It allows you to get all the rivets and grenades you need to start off the next wave just by circling. The strategy is rather cheap and weak, but as you progress, but this is a game that has a difficulty curve that resembles retro shooters.

Multiplayer Dusk, yes multiplayer, has only one game mode. It is the standard death-match, for plenty of fragging with friends. The New Blood discord server has events for multiplayer games, too, or just a place to look for a game when you are bored. In multiplayer, you do have the option of choosing a character to play as. You can even be a cultist, and customize the colors of the model you pick.