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Dungeons & Dragons Kickstarters

As wonderful as official D&D content and products are, it is also important to support indie creators who make wonderful additions to the game all by themselves. Wizards of the Coast isn’t the only company that can make or publish awesome stuff. That’s why this article is dedicated to highlighting four different D&D Kickstarter projects that I think are pretty cool.

1. Dungeons & Dragons Mystery Encounter Boxy by Jennifer Summers

This is quite a unique project in what it promises to Dungeon Masters and Player alike. Dungeons & Dragons Mystery Encounter Box is a Kickstarter offering backers a mystery adventure that is a mystery for both the DM running it and the players participating. Dungeon
Masters run the module without knowledge of the things the players will be encountering in certain parts of the tower. Instead, the Dungeon Master receives different envelopes for each room that can be done in any order and are opened as the adventure goes on. In addition, the module’s setting guide and lore acts as a place where players can discover other adventures. The adventure works with characters levels 1-20.

2. The Assorted Magical Items Deck by James Gifford

While item cards are not a new concept for Dungeons & Dragons, these item cards certainly are much different than others you might see. The Assorted Magical Items Deck is a deck of cards bringing new and interesting magical items that are not apart of the official content for D&D and are fully illustrated. There are items like the Sticks-To-Snakes Gun (which sounds absolutely amazing), the Slime Armour (terrible, I hate it), or the Infinite Hourglass. The Kickstarter offers backers a deck of cards at the base level but rewards go up to include a sticker pack, a print, a custom card (or multiple depending on the backing amount), and a character commission.

If you would like to support James Gifford, check out his Twitter and his website.

3. Remarkable Shops & Their Wares by LoreSmyth

This particular project caught my eye because, as a Dungeon Master, I’m always looking to improve my own experience in making my games for my players. Remarkable Shops & Their Wares is a guide to all things fantasy shops. The guide provides suggestions for items found in any number of shops or presented by any sort of merchant. It even provides ideas on roleplaying, world-building, and other elements of a tabletop roleplaying game. This book actually acts as a sequel to Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks.

If you would like to see what else LoreSmyth has going on, be sure to follow them on Twitter.

4. Monsters of Murka by Jaron R.M. Johnson

While this particular project has already been fully funded, I still found this campaign to be rather interesting. Monsters of Murka is a D&D campaign set in a world that is a reflection of America’s own political landscape. The campaign itself acts as a political commentary on Donald Trump’s presidency and the people who support him. Trump and his supporters act, respectively, as a BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) and the monsters that serve him.  Not only is it a hilarious looking commentary on America, it is also a clever re-imagining of our own world within a game of D&D. The creators and writers of this project do a wonderful job of equating things from the real world with things in a fantasy setting and it makes the world-building that much more interesting.

Even though you can’t support it on Kickstarter anymore, be sure to follow Jaron R.M. Johnson on Twitter for updates on the project.