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Don’t Stop Playing HOTS Because of Blizzard’s Announcement

I get it, I really do. This has been a bad year PR wise for Blizzard. Everything from the Diablo Immortal debacle to the reports of bad company culture and terrible wages for employees has cast the entire Blizzard brand into a very bad light.

And then they have the gall to cap it all off by ripping the rug out from under their Heroes of the Storm fans and their HOTS esports players by canceling HGC for 2019 and scaling back all development on the game itself.

Not good.

But this is not the time for overreaction or boycotts. Let me explain why you should not only keep playing Heroes of the Storm, but all other Blizzard games as well.

Other Blizzard Games

This is an easy one. While you may want to punish the entire company for their behavior, understand that these other games have their own, completely different set of teams and employees; all of whom have nothing to do with what is happening with Heroes of the Storm.

You can bet they want HOTS to succeed just as much as their own games, and not just because they wish the company success, but because now their jobs are even more competitive with HOTS team members migrating over to their departments. And you’re saying you want to make it even harder for them to retain their jobs over a game that they have nothing to do with? As for me, I’ll keep playing Diablo and Overwatch while anxiously waiting for Warcraft 3: Reforged as long as those employees keep putting good work into them.

Heroes of the Storm Itself

Let’s be honest, HOTS is a great MOBA for a few reasons. One of them being that it is not DOTA or League of Legends.

HOTS provides a MOBA experience that is faster, simpler, and (dare I say) takes itself in a refreshingly less serious way than its counterparts. What a breath of fresh air was HOTS after playing League and DOTA for too long, and I know I’m one of a million others that feel the same way. I cannot just sit idly by and speed up the process of those becoming the only other legitimate MOBA options.

Another reason to not stop playing HOTS is to understand that, by boycotting and trying to hurt the company, the only people you hurt are yourself and lower-level Blizzard employees.

As far as yourself goes, Heroes of the Storm is still the same game. The same game you fell in love with when you started playing it and it’s still the same game now. They have not made sweeping changes to the game itself, so in the meantime don’t let those corporate fat cats at Blizzard stop you from enjoying a game you love.

Furthermore, you know it was the executives and board members of Blizzard that made this decision. If fans’ efforts to boycott and take down Blizzard were successful, these people would take the L, but their livelihoods are not destroyed. They have plenty of connections, experience, and money to move around all they want and keep living their comfortable lives.

But for the lower-level employees, they would be the first to lose their jobs and their livelihoods as the result of a boycott. Remember, a corporation is not a person. As much as you want to make ‘Blizzard’ pay for what they’ve done, it’s not necessarily ‘Blizzard’ whom you would be hurting. When it comes to a boycott like this, it is the non-decision making employees that are hurt first and are hurt worst.

In Conclusion

It is beyond disappointing for such a historically beloved video game developer to continue its mutation from a connected company to full blow corporatism. And yes, I 100% believe Blizzard should refund players for the recent Stimpack sale if they want it. But please don’t let them set the agenda here. Heroes of the Storm may not be around forever, but until it does finally bite the dust, show Blizzard how much this game means to you by continuing to play it to support your hobby, the hardworking developers, and the entire HOTS player community. Because if we all stop enjoying this game together, then we all lose out on something special.