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Dlive – Should you make the switch from Twitch?

This article assumes a basic understanding of blockchain technology and the Lino blockchain.  A very in-depth explanation of blockchain technology can be found here.  An overview of the Lino blockchain specifically can be found here.

By now, most of you have heard the news about the well-known YouTuber Pewdiepie streaming exclusively with Dlive and the $50,000 giveaway to help content creators get started on the new platform.  Until that announcement, I had never heard of Dlive and now I have found myself wondering if I should switch to Dlive or keep streaming on Twitch. I’m sure many other streamers on both YouTube and Twitch are pondering the same question.  So how do we answer that question? In order to make that decision, we need to know more about Dlive and how it works. How is Dlive different from Twitch and YouTube?

What is Dlive?

Dlive is the new-kid-on-the-block streaming service and is growing quickly.  They boast at being the “world’s first and largest streaming platform on blockchain” and according to their mission statement, Dlive wants to help content creators keep more of their revenue by not taking a sizeable cut.  This doesn’t mean that streamers get 100% of the revenue. Instead they get 90.1% of the revenue generated by tips and subscriptions. The other 9.9% goes back into a pool that gets distributed to Lino users who have purchased and locked Lino points.  Lino points are tokens created by the Lino blockchain, a form of cryptocurrency. These tokens can be purchased with a Lino account and are valued at roughly $0.012 – $0.013 according to Dlive. Viewers who subscribe to streamers and are active in the Dlive community will earn rewards in the form of Lock Lino Points every day.  How much they earn depends on how active they are in the form of chatting, gifting and subscribing. These Lino Points can then be gifted back to the streamers or cashed out.

So what does all this mean?

It means that the revenue generated by streamers and viewers on Dlive isn’t going to big business.  The majority of the revenue goes to the content creators and the rest goes back to the consumers. Given equal viewers and subscriptions on both Dlive and Twitch, the content creator would earn more money per subscription and tip on Dlive than they would on Twitch.  The same would be true for YouTube as well. I’m just using Twitch as an example because that is the platform I currently use.

Now to the question at hand.  Should you make the switch from Twitch?  Unfortunately, like most things in life, there is no simple answer.  The best I can do is offer my opinion as a streamer and a technology junky.  If you are new to streaming, I would suggest streaming on both platforms and see which one grows the biggest audience for you.  If you are already streaming on Twitch and have not yet become established with a good following, then I would definitely give Dlive a try.  However, if you have already established a good following and have consistent viewership on Twitch, then it wouldn’t make much sense to switch to Dlive unless your followers are willing to switch with you.  Otherwise, you will be starting over from scratch. As for me, I will be streaming on both Twitch and Dlive until one or the other shows the most growth for my community.

I would like to note that I love the idea of a streaming service that utilizes blockchain.  I think blockchain technology is the future and we have only begun to scratch the surface of how it can be used.  I look forward to seeing what other uses will come from blockchain technology.