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Daemon X Machina Review

Demon X Machina, a Nintendo Switch exclusive, published by Nintendo and developed by Marvelous Inc, is a Mecha-genre game with a curious choice in design. Instead of going a high graphic quality type game they went back to a bit more of a cell shaded style, which in this case, came out to make a visually marvelous piece of work to play.

The designs in this game are easily comparable with armored core, and it’s easy to see why, as Shoji Kawamori (an integral part of the original Armored Core) was brought onboard this project. His designs can be seen as showing a deep resemblance to Armored Core, at times even a clone.

If I had to compare a game that this reminds me of, I would definitely point at Armored Core for Answer. Armored Core for Answer had some incredibly fast pace battle mechanics with many variations of each. The game included a multiplayer vs mode that often ended up with players taking advantage of glitches, or even creating their own objectified mini games of hyper-speed racing.

That being said, after getting my hands on this jewel, I can say I felt like I had returned to the fun days of playing Armored Core for Answer. The Mecha’s are incredibly responsive, with every detail displayed in numbers. The pace of the game extremely fast paced with time missions such as knocking a super train off its rails before it gets out of battle-zone and then proceeding to battle against this out of control train.

I honestly didn’t really play this one for the story, and much of the dialog I simply skipped (sorry not sorry, I needed this high adrenaline action!!!). Hopping into the action you get little details of the characters and a bit of insight into their personalities as the developers did a great job of not only showing the characters and how they align during the long conversations (OK so I did listen to it) and how they acted in the battlefield. Often they say repeated lines as you play along the levels, but thankfully they don’t just continually repeat themselves more than once per play-through of a mission.

The weapons systems are quite vast, and the most common way I have obtained my weapons, well looting off the dead robot bodies of my enemies! As you amass your money you can go through and perform upgrades to certain weapons or even yourself the pilot. Yes that’s right, you can modify your own body to have cybernetic enhancements. Not only can you do that, but you can exit your mech mid-combat and fight in your human/cyborg body rather than controlling the mecha.

Unfortunately this game falls victim to the same problems I have with many games of this type. The gameplay becomes extremely repetitive, and at times the extremely fast motions can actually disorient you with the variety of colors in this games design. Overall what kept me excited throughout the entire game was the wonder of whether we would get to make something like the White Glint. Unfortunately so far in my play-through I haven’t found all the parts, but I have found parts that look very similar. I am still crossing my fingers to completely assemble this one!

There is also a multiplayer mode, and if you don’t like your early game parts, you can definitely join others and begin scavenging the parts to make the mecha that fits your tastes.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5. The game dives right into the category of fast pace action when you begin your mission and it absolutely does not slow down during the battles.