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Come Follow Me, Squirtle

So, a long awaited time has finally come. After the long wait and much confusion, Crystal Clear has had that update drop. If you wanna get a piece, because the site went down in the last little bit, you can now do so. ShockSlayer’s site is back up and there is helpful info on everything in this update. I won’t elaborate, the changelog has that covered.

Just Some Background

If you were one of those souls looking for a place to pick up Crystal Clear, you know that a bit after the last article on it dropped everything fell off the face of the earth. Well, that was because a lot of attention hit CC and there was a lot of strategic moves to make sure we could move forward. When a yutube video becomes very popular and garners a lot of attention there comes a hecktic flood of people looking and not all of them follow rules or pay attention. So, we went into lockdown in the CC discord and made changes while things got finalized. And now things are back up!

Now The Good Stuff

A lot has still been added since my last article. There are various new people to find in the overworld including a special magikarp trainer or a musical talent. A few places got some expansions and some places… um… got nuked… Needless to say there is a lot to check out including more items to find and pick up. Some of these trainers give you gifts for winning in their encounters and some such gifts will prove useful if you are a speedrunner. Also, there are new playable characters, too! So, fulfill your fantasy of going about doing evil in the world of pokemon.


This is by far the biggest part of the update. The following pokemon has been the hallmark that people have been looking forward to, at least those that saw the pikasprey video, and play with it in-game. With the functionality that this feature has, it makes HeartGold and SoulSilver squirm. The personality that is able to show through in each indivdual pokemon is great, with unique dialog based on the species and the chance for ditto to transform into another in the overworld. It also presents map specific dialog or recent event dialog that everyone can play with. There are special things that happen based on moves that a pokemon may have or if the pokemon is holding an item. If you wanna see that cool stuff you can pack into a small 2MB file, give it a go.

Last Bits

It’s a joy to get to see such good projects move forward, but it can be stressful to have to manage the hype for it. Being in a position to both enable and manage is sometimes difficult, but getting to see the reactions and joy that people see from these updates are great. I’ve had people on my stream watch as I play some of the in-development builds of Crystal Clear and see the awe in their responses to it. Now that everyone else can enjoy it, it’ll be great to see how more people react to the changes and contributions of what the project has. Personally, everyone should go check out that pokecenter outside of Mt. Moon, if for no other reason than the GOLDEN DEAL they get. There is also lots of LOVE and FREINDSHIP that yu can find, too.

Anyways, if you wanna get a hold of this build swing by ShockSlayer’s website to get it.

You can also check out the first article I wrote about CC, and then read the next one to get more context.

Images courtesy of the CC changelog.