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Box Office! ‘Incredibles 2’ Sets Record.

Incredibles 2 appears to be just that…incredible!


The latest Disney and Pixar offering is dominating the reviews and box office. Variety is reporting a record-setting Thursday debit. Earning upwards of $18.5 Million. This colossal opening nearly doubles the previous record-setting Finding Dory. During Dory’s Thursday debut it garnered a sweet $9.2 Million.The meteoric projections are on track to earn $150 Million by Monday.

Does this latest offering directed by Brad Bird have legs to run with a prehistoric predator looming to open next week? Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will be in theaters next weekend.

For fans, one of the biggest thrills and chills come in the form of new villains and action-packed sequences. Bold scenes that display superpowers and gadgets alike. In this installment, Bird continues to find new ways and challenges for the characters to work in harmony. With these turns, the action, excitement, and thrills escalate nicely.

A particular Note: Its become common for Pixar movies to share screen time with a Pixar short. And this movie is no exception featuring the eight-minute short ‘Bao’. A warming and adorable story about a Chinese woman who fantastically ends up with a child. In true magical movie fashion the child is made when a dumpling (made by her) animates to life.

Writer-director Domee Shi has created a short more about impressions, conceptions, and feelings. This direction purposefully picked over fast-paced action and drama. Domee Shi represents a first for the animation giant. She is the first woman to direct a Pixar short in the 32-year history of the company.

Will you be adding to the juggernaut total this weekend? We would love to hear your thoughts and reviews.