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Borderlands 3: Bringing that smile back to your face!

The long awaited Borderlands 3 Finally hit shelves September 13th, 2019, and this game once again delivers us to a world that is so wacky and nonsensical that you can’t help but laugh and listen for the silly one liners and the absolutely ridiculous comments all of these characters do.

Gearbox Studios once again delivers a funny, fun, and absolutely captivating storyline with returning cast members such as Lillith, Claptrap, Hammerlock, the voluptuous Moxxi, and so many others. To my eager curiosity they even bring back Tiny Tina, though she isn’t so tiny
anymore, she still packs the purely awesome performance that was presented to us in Borderlands 2.

As always please beware of our spoiler warning, if you don’t want any part of the games story spoiled then skip the spoiler section.

Gearbox brings us Borderlands 3 with a bold claim of having over 1 Billion guns in the game. I’m certainly not going to cover 1 Billion guns in this review, but I can mention that they did an amazing job of making each gun from each company have its own unique feel and abilities. For example Jakobs weapons tended to have a ricochet perk. Critical shots will bounce to an additional target for an additional crit (only once per shot unless a shotgun, then once per pellet). The more Jakobs weapons you use the more they drop for you, and the ability evolves, meaning it can do more targets on the ricochets.

Tediore, known for the throw-away-to-reload weapons, actually slowly change as they evolve from explosives to self shooting guns to temporary walking turrets (as you get more guns of course). These are just a few examples of what your weapons are capable of becoming, and ultimately one of the most awesome things about this game. It adds a whole new element of complexity to the game. This could even make some new challenges for players such as a Jakobs weapon only run through.

*Begin Spoilers*

The story of Borderlands 3 begins with as usual a pretty sick cinematic scene involving 4 characters, each using unique abilities to overcome an obstacle. Once the cinematic comes to its inevitable end, you are presented with Marcus driving a less than sanitary looking jalopy as he opens the door and basically invites you in. It is at this point where you get to pick one of 4 characters. These characters are Amara, Zane, Fl4k, and Moze. Each one with their own unique abilities. Once you select your character you are then placed in the vehicle and see a short cutscene where our famous firehawk speaks to you (you get to see the face of a very attractive Lillith that looks if I may say so myself, quite attractive.

She does a quick hi, and says to meet her hidden soldier, and you quickly make a small comment about how you are hearing voices in your head. Once Marcus drops you off you get to see… You probably guessed it, but for those of you who aren’t that familiar with Borderlands,
Claptrap! ( CL4P-TP). You get the usual presentation into the HUD, and get a small agreement prompt (which quickly disappears before you can read through all of the gibberish, and its quite long). Then you move forward along the story where you get to see Claptrap performing his usual funny routines including a “stealth bit” where he seemingly can’t shut up and be stealthy. Of course in all
the hilarity this scene is quickly followed up with an explosion, and a pretty accurate line of “this is Pandora, if things aren’t exploding, its weird. Of course this sets the pace for the arduous adventure you are about to embark on.

*End Spoiler*

This game of course makes it clear from the beginning it’s going to be a pure adrenaline rush senseless gunfight with plenty of hilarious quips and situations. They did also add some pretty awesome and unique hidden boss fights. With the massive assortment of guns, and the well done mechanics, this game is sure to carry you on for quite a bit of fun. Let’s not forget the amazing job the voice actors did, Their acts bring life to these characters on a level that I appreciate completely.

Seeing all of the small details they put into this game, I am fairly positive the developers for this game, or at least the guys that pitched ideas for it, were having an absolute ball making this game, and the delivery in my opinion is absolutely phenomenal.

With all these good things about this game, there is one extremely blaring flaw. The multiplayer mode in the game on the same console performs atrociously. There a glitches, delays, and consistent freezes. Now to be exact, the freezes don’t really occur while the players are outside of the menu, they occur when a player opens up their menu, to either pick an ability or change their inventory around, or even look at the map. When one player does this, the system ends up having a processing problem and freezes up a bit, causing players, enemies and other objects to jump slightly. This is very disorienting, and definitely hurts the multiplayer experience on the same console. Additionally you can’t play 4 player multiplayer on a single console, I was somewhat disappointed about this one. I wanted to see my friends reactions when we played our game.

Aside from that glaring problem the game is actually quite solid, delivering a pretty awesome game to add to the library of Borderlands games we all play. All in all I give this game a 4.5 out of 5 . You did Well Gearbox, you just didn’t properly optimize that multiplayer, otherwise, you would have been the first to get a 5 out of 5 from me.