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Bold Predictions for Kingdom Hearts III

The Kingdom Hearts III release date is just around the corner – a date that I halfway expected never to see during my lifetime – and since we’ve had over a decade to speculate on what Kingdom Hearts III could have in store, it’s left too much time for fans to come up with the most bizarre ideas, such as Sora coming out of the closet and riding into the sunset with Donald Duck (not even joking, I’ve literally thought about it).

But now that the game is actually happening, I want to go over some realistic, yet bold predictions that we may see Kingdom Hearts III.

I. Sora, as we know him, will cease to exist

The entire Kingdom Hearts franchise has consisted of SEEMINGLY EVERY CHARACTER existing within each other somehow. Whether it’s Ventus’ heart living in Sora’s, or Sora’s memories living in Xion, or Ansem’s darkness living in Riku’s heart, or Xehanort possessing Terra’s body, or Roxas and Namine reforging with Sora and Kairi, and so on and so on. You see what I’m getting at? Kingdom Hearts is obsessed with transferring the essence of a person to another person.

So I don’t think it’s unreasonable to imagine that, with Kingdom Hearts III presumably being the end of Sora’s story, that Sora will somehow be retired to live on in the hearts of his friends and help them in whatever their future stories hold. After all, I believe this might’ve been foreshadowed at the beginning of the first Kingdom Hearts by the paopu fruit, given that according to legend, “if two people share one, their destinies become intertwined.” The fruit in question was set up quite powerfully at that time but has had very little impact on the story since. I hope it makes a comeback in Kingdom Hearts III and plays a role in my prediction. Sora as we know him may be gone, but will live on in his friends.

II. There WILL be a Sephiroth fight in the game

When Kingdom Hearts was first published it was branded as a Disney/Final Fantasy crossover. But ever since that Final Fantasy characters have taken a back seat to all the Disney characters and Disney worlds, having only appeared in Kingdom Hearts II and having virtually no impact on the story at all.

Because of that there’s been speculation that there won’t be any in Kingdom Hearts III at all. That very well may happen, but because Sephiroth battles have been a big deal in the first two games, it’s only reasonable there will be one final showdown in the third. Not only that, but Cloud will make his appearance as well and with Sora’s help, the Cloud and Sephiroth story will finally come to an end.

III. There will be no romantic conclusion to Kairi’s story

So, what exactly is the deal with Sora and Kairi? Do they like each other? And what are Riku’s thoughts on her exactly? There was certainly no shortage of romantic tension between the three of them in the first game, even with Riku joking about it when he and Sora were racing.

The rivalry between Sora and Riku with the Keyblade was foreshadowed with their racing, sword fighting, and “supposed” battle over Kairi. If that was the whole point of setting the romantic tension up, so be it, but we can’t deny that the fanbase has questioned who will get who by the end of it, and my prediction is that no one will get anyone.

Besides the Disney princess relationships, there’s been essentially no real love story in Kingdom Hearts. The character dynamics have always been about a group of three friends (Sora, Riku, Kairi; Ventus, Terra, Aqua; Roxas, Xion, Axel) that use their ‘great friendship’ to win the day. Typical anime-like character arcs are no stranger to Kingdom Hearts, and I just don’t see the writers breaking up any friendship trio by turning it into a duo. At this point, something like that would feel unnatural and pull against the ‘friendship conquers all’ theme Kingdom Hearts has so fully developed.

So, in the end, I believe these three predictions are all very likely, but just bold enough to warrant disagreement from others. So you can expect another article soon after Kingdom Hearts III comes out with me either gloating in my success or eating a buffet of crow. Stay tuned.