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Battlefield V Reveal

The Battlefield V reveal happened earlier this week and with it came many spoiler
confirmations as well as a ton of new information. The host, Trevor Noah, was accompanied by
3 of the project’s producers; Andreas Morell, Ryan McArther, and Lars Gustavsson, who all
spoke about the unique aspects coming to Battlefield V on October 19th.

The Battlefield

To confirm many rumors, Battlefield V (BF5) will be set in the historic era of World War 2, a call
back to the franchise’s roots. It is a passion project of the Battlefield team’s and was “The game
that we wanted to build.” – Gustavsson
However, this doesn’t mean they made a game that is focused on the stories we are familiar
with. The game will take place throughout the locations of the World War that history has
forgotten, such as Greece, Norway, Africa and much more. All of this is done in hopes of
surprising and delighting both the longtime fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. We are
set to experience these new locations, as well as the people and stories they will introduce, in
the familiar, War Stories.

Different Ways To Play

Similar to Battlefield 1, BF5 will tell it’s single-player narratives through a system called War
Stories. Rather than being a traditional Campaign following one or two squadrons throughout a
single storyline, War Stories are single mission narratives that aim to introduce the player to
unique characters by playing through their eyes. These Stories do not always end the way we
expect, but each mission having its own story to tell truly makes the world of Battlefield FEEL
like a World War.
And what’s a Battlefield game without Multiplayer? The player vs player aspect of the game will
feature some beloved returning game modes such as “Operations” and “Conquest,” and we will
be seeing several new game modes as well, such as “Grand Operations.” This new game mode
will take place during 4 fictitious days, each day telling a story and offering different objectives
each day. Depending on how your squad does on certain days is what will dictate when and
how each game will end.

Co-Op is also returning to the Battlefield franchise, after being absent for many iterations of the
game’s recent history. This game mode puts players into generated game modes where rather
than fighting against other players, they fight against AI.

The Overhaul

The Battlefield games have always prided themselves on realism, such as destructible
environments, accurate weapon sounds and aesthetics, and so on. Battlefield 5 aims to kick it
up a notch. They have done a massive overhaul of the game, allowing for accurate bullet
penetration and explosive kick back, and much more.
They have also given players the ability to "fortify" their positions. Reinforcing or repairing
structures, digging dugouts, building foxholes, all of this in order to allow players the flexibility
to play the maps in our own unique ways.

The Company and Tides of War

The Company is a new feature to BF5, which allows you to build a set of soldiers that you can
play, each with their own looks, weapons, skills, and cosmetics. The more you play these
soldiers, the more you will progress with them and unlock different skills and guns for each of
your Company’s classes.
Battlefield 5 is going to drop regular content for its players under the banner “Tides of War.”
This is an ongoing process that will take place post launch of the game, adding on more War
Stories, Multiplayer maps, guns, cosmetics, skills, etc.. All while Battlefield takes it’s players on a
journey through World War 2, beginning with the Invasion of Europe at release, and ending in a
grand climax well past the initial launch of the game. This journey aims to supply players
activities, limited time events, new stories, and much more in order to ensure there is always
something to do when we log on.
And here is the real kicker…

No Season Pass or Game Influencing Micro-Transactions

That’s right. Every map, story, gun, skill, vehicle, and experience added post-launch of
Battlefield 5, will come at no additional cost to every player. There is no season pass blocking

players from being able to play with friends, and the only microtransactions are purely
cosmetic. There aren’t loot boxes either. Cosmetic items are available for you to purchase right
there on the virtual shelf.

Release Date

All of this, as well as a few surprises I’m sure, are heading our way, worldwide, on October 19th.