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Battlefield V Open BETA is here and it is RAGING!

As everyone reading this is more than likely aware, Battlefield V Open BETA is here and it is raging! In true Battlefield style, the game does not disappoint in visuals and all-out Warfare. In the Sixteenth installment to the Battlefield series by EA DICE and Published by Electronic Arts, using the same third iteration frostbite engine as 2016 Battlefield 1 and 2013 Battlefield 4.

The anticipated Battlefield V Open BETA released on 3rd September for those that pre-ordered, and the 6th September for everyone else, and will run until the 11th of September.

The purpose of the BETA will help EA DICE test technical aspects like Server stability, Latency levels, matching making, weapon balance and allows the Player to adjust textures quality and filtering, lighting, effects, post-processing, mesh, terrain, undergrowth, anti-aliasing, and ambient occlusion. The beta also includes options for resolution scaling FOV sliders, UI scaling, lens distortion, chromatic aberration, vignette and more.

The Battlefield.

Battlefield V is focused on World War 2 this time around, and like most I went into this with the ‘oh, another ww2 shooting game’, but I was proven wrong straight away. With the amazing visuals and play of the game making me revert to my battlefield 4 days, straight up battlefield all-out war, Tanks, Planes and new guns to play with.

The season pass system, found on previous Battlefield games, has been scrapped, and replaced with a FREE live service called Tides of War (also in the BETA), which changes the game each month, allowing players to access all the maps released. The BETA lets us fight over two beautiful maps, the freezing Norwegian Narvik, and the Urban streets of Rotterdam. These maps are amazingly set out, no long runs to the objective, everything is nice a close, straight into the battle and with building destruction in its element, the surrounding buildings are not always the safest places to be.

My experience in all-out war.

Having played the Battlefield V Open BETA for 10hours +, and experienced all that this Battlefield V Open BETA has to show us, I am very impressed. The overall gameplay feels better, UI is clean and the range of guns is varied and reminiscent of Battlefield 1942 as well as having lots more customization than Battlefield 1 guns had to offer.

A big improvement for me, is that team-work is made a key. With a reduction of starting supplies, running out of ammo happens very quickly. There are resupply points placed around the map, and the ability to hand ammo by your teammates, makes players work with their squad. Improving squad dynamic by reviving, supplying and working together to push the other team back, is more prominent in this game than it was in Battlefield 1.

A new reviving animation ‘bleeding out phase’ has been put in, meaning that when you get shot down by the enemy, you can ‘Hold to call for revive’ or ‘Hold to skip revive’, all the while looking around waving your bloody hand and shouting voice lines, such as calling for your mother, calls to god and bloody screaming, which is pretty brutal. Another new addition of being able to revive any player on your team, rather than just your squad mates.

Animations are all round amazing, vaulting over things is flawless, reloading and strafing left and right with your gun is so cool. The detail in everything around you, from objects falling off shelves to walls and buildings being obliterated, makes you kind of want to stop playing the objective and look at all the fine details in the things happening around you, like a true cinematic battlefield moment.

Graphics are smooth and crisp, making everything seem like a war movie. Running at 1440p 60fps, it gives an amazing visual experience, topped off with the sounds of all-out war, screams, and cries of teammates followed by constant bullet noises hitting all around you. From footsteps to things falling down and even the noise when a bullet hits the guy next to you and he falls down screaming, it makes for a spectacular experience.

While playing Battlefield Vs open beta, I only experienced one little bit of jibby play. My mouse input stopped being recognized and I was forced to capture the objective looking at the floor, not being able to do much about it. Points are points though ‘right’, I had to leave the game and rejoin for it to start working again. Now I don’t know if this happened to anyone else, but hey its a BETA, its going to happen. I’m just happy to get the chance to help EA DICE in their Battlefield V BETA tests, and I very much am looking forward to seeing what other glorious things are coming on 20th November 2018 on the full release. I’ll see you on the Battlefield.